Top 8 Starfield like games for mobile devices

That's the closest you will ever get to playing Starfield on your smartphone!

Starfield, a game from one of the most well-known companies of all time, Bethesda, has generated a lot of hype in the gaming community, and with good reason. As per Bethesda’s most recent data, its first brand-new world in more than twenty years, which has roughly a thousand planets to explore, is keeping players incredibly interested. So, in this article, we’ll be taking a look at the Top 8 games Starfield like games for mobile devices.

Best Starfield like games for mobile

1. Space Marshals 3

Pixelbite is the company behind Space Marshals 3. This space-themed action game is wonderfully stylistically designed. The game has a snappy shooting system that is mostly controlled by numbered health bars, similar to Starfield, but it also includes a plot that is primarily driven by perspective and aesthetics that are vastly different from Starfield.

2. Space Commander: War and Trade

War and Trade is a sandbox role-playing game set in space, according to Teresa Dymek SC, where you have complete freedom over customizing your fleet and have access to automatically created stars to explore. The game also has a campaign, which adds to its allure. Players can assume the role of a mercenary, trader, or even a pirate in Starfield SC: War and Trade.

3. TerraGenesis: Space Settlers

TerraGenesis: Space Settlers, developed by Tilting Points LLC, is perhaps the game here that is the furthest from Starfield, yet it somehow manages to capture the spirit of space exploration. Similar to Starfield, this game offers four different factions to pick from.

However, unlike Starfield, TerraGenesis allows players to create planets, make them habitable, and give them life. If space is what draws you to Starfield, it might be worthwhile to give this a try.

4. Fractal Combat X

Best Starfield like mobile games
Image via NEWTYPE K.K.

Fractal Combat X, created by NEWTYPE K.K., is an outright action game that takes place in space, as is clear from the name alone. Fractal Warfare might be exactly up your alley if the Space combat component of Starfield appeals to you the most.

5. Second Galaxy

Second Galaxy, an original Space MMORPG created by Zlong Games, offers a wide variety of ships and an expansive planet to explore. While Second Galaxy has its fair share of problems, it cannot be denied that the game offers a pretty ambitious experience on mobile devices. The game is set in a gigantic galaxy where you use your spaceship to fly about to mimic the feeling of Starfield.

6. Nova: Space Armada

Nova: Space Armada developed by Stone3 PTE. LTD. is mostly a typical strategy action game, but it also has magnificent graphics, a surprising amount of depth to the lore, and a fighting system that can keep players interested for a very long time.

7. Galaxy on Fire 2

With 20 star systems and about 100 planets to explore, extensive RPG systems, and a mission-based narrative-driven game with stunning visuals and immaculate ambition, Galaxy on Fire 2 is one of the greatest games on our list.

8. Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2

Best Starfield like mobile games, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II release
Image via Bioware

One of the greatest ARPGs ever created by one of the greatest studios of all time, BioWare, Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 is the best mobile gaming experience available. It is also the closest thing to playing Starfield on a mobile device. Every fan of RPGs and space exploration should play this. The ARPG game Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 2 is one of the best to play.

What are your opinions on this top 10 best Starfield like Mobile Games list? Do let us know in the comments section below!

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