Top 20 Best Puzzle games for Mobile devices

What is your go-to puzzle mobile game?

Among millions of people loving shooting games, some love delicate, brain-twisting, tricky, and beautiful games with mesmerizing graphics. Puzzle games are, without a doubt, one of the most outstanding genres in terms of experiences. Games that emphasize problem-solving, strategy, and mental agility have captured the hearts and minds of millions of players around the world. For such players, here’s a list of the top 20 best mobile puzzle games for your devices.

Best Puzzle Games to play on your mobile devices

1. Mountain Valley 2

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Image via ustwo games

The 2nd part of the original Mountain valley is more magical with otherworldly landscapes. It wraps the reality and pounces on your eyes with your unexpected experience with the gameplay. Unusually has an escaper mainstream blow felt so adventurously empirical. Puzzles in this game come perfectly with the story that is rooted in the game. This game deserves to be one of the 20 best puzzle games for Android and you can download it from both Android and iOS stores.

2. Gorogoa

Gorogoa is a unique chef-d’oeuvre of a puzzle. It blends a tricky picture-shifting mechanic with a stunning storybook composition manner. The game has hand-drawn illustrations which will provide you with a different experience. Probably, you would forget that this game is certainly a complex puzzler. It is obvious to fall in love with this game and you will definitely, end up re-playing it, several times. You can download it from both Android and iOS stores.

3. Prune

Generally, a puzzler is a brainstorming thing that can swirl the brain, and if a person applies logic, then it’s a perfect pastime. Prune is such a game that gives a ripened experience with its breath-taking beautiful gameplay. The game’s graphics take the domain of puzzles to an elevated level from a simple and old-fashioned one. Moreover, the game is not very complex but has a competitive plan to test your smartness. The game is available as a premium one for Android and iOS but it’s worth every penny for challenge lovers.

4. Projekt

Projekt is an AR puzzle game with the potential to leave you in awe. This game asks you to notice stuff in a different, fresh, and modern way. This puzzler is based on shades and darkness. There’s a five-by-five isometric grid on which a blocky structure should be made. Its shadow from two opposite positions is cast onto barriers. The quest is that the player should match grey shapes plastered across them. You can download it from both Android and iOS stores.

5. The Room: Old Sins

In the Room series, The Room: Old Sins is standing a very good response from its players because of its realistic graphics and highly advanced gameplay experiences. With happy players around the globe, this series of outstanding games is certainly a must-play. Moreover, if you are planning to download it on a tablet, you will have a more refined experience because of the bigger screen. It is available on both Android and iOS stores.

6. Ticket to Earth

Ticket to Earth is a game that is a block-matching game but it puts in compelling RPG elements and spectacular comic tale visuals. It will provide you with a rollicking story that will force you to stick to the game. This game certainly excels among thousands of other puzzlers and it becomes capable to place itself among the best mobile puzzle games. You can download it from both Android and iOS stores.

7. Linelight

A Conceptual and ideational game, that is Linelight. It will push you to hold on to it by its never disappointing and beautiful artwork at every level. Blending and fitting beautiful minimalistic strands is a mind-whirling joy. It is every level appears captivating than the last one. Among minimalistic games, it would be unfair if this game is not given a position among the top puzzlers across the globe. It is available on both Android and iOS stores.

8. Baba Is You

baba is you game cover
Image via Hempuli

In my next pick, titled Baba Is You, players manipulate blocks representing rules to alter gameplay. Transform yourself into objects, manipulate obstacles, and redefine goals in surprising ways with simple block interactions. Overall, a fun title that you won’t get bored after spending hours. You can get the game for Android and iOS platforms.

9. Hidden Folks

hidden folks game cover
Image via Adriaan de Jongh

Hidden Folks brings you hand-drawn scenes that are full of interactive details. They will lift tent flaps, cut through bushes, and other surprises such as crocodiles. A row of targets guides the search, and clicking on a target offers hints. As targets are found, new areas are unlocked for the search. There are 32 hand-drawn scenes with 300 targets and more than 500 interactions. Download it for Android and iOS.

10. Mini Metro

Mini Metro cover
Image via Dinosaur Polo Club

Mini Metro became an instant classic, also one of the highest-reviewed games of all time. In simple, the game is about designing a subway map for over two dozen real-world cities to keep them moving. It is fun, addictive, and has plenty of in-game potential, it is worth every penny. You can download it from both Android and iOS stores.

11. Cut the Rope

Cut the Rope 3
Image via Paladin Studios

Evergreen as ever! Most of our childhood was with this title that was a buzz in the early-smartphone era and it is still popular. Featuring Om Nom, the gameplay involves cutting ropes to release candy and guide it into Om Nom’s mouth while overcoming various obstacles and challenges across different levels. It did get sequels, but for me, this remains the best of the lot. You can get it on Android and iOS.

12. hocus.

hocus. game cover
Image via gamebra.in

Another intruging title that isn’t spoken about much often, hocus. offers a gameplay with polished, mind-bending shapes. Features include 120 hand-crafted levels, the ability to create and share your own levels, load or capture level cards, an endless mode, and a shortest path algorithm to keep you hooked. Get it on both Android and iOS.

13. Golf Peaks

You might be thinking that this must be one of the thousands of golf games. But no, it isn’t. Golf Peaks is entirely a flexible, creative, and tricky card-based game. Even if you are not into golf sport still won’t let you down. It’s a puzzler so you will enjoy solving it with your smart brain. Golf Peaks is a perfectly masked puzzle game that a sport’s enthusiast may enjoy to his fullest while sitting on a comfortable couch. You can download it from both Android and iOS stores.

14. Framed 2

Noodlecake’s noir puzzle game is the follow-up to Hideo Kojima’s 2014 game titled Framed, which also won several awards. Taking the prequel to a whole new level even while being a standalone entry, the plot is taking place before the events of the original game, which focuses on a mysterious ship smuggling precious cargo into an exotic land. It is beautifully structured and definitely deserves a go. Download it on Android and iOS.

15. 2048

2048 game cover
Image via Androbaby

2048 is one of the favorite puzzle games in which the players match together numbered tiles to reach the tile numbered 2048. Swiping in different directions, the tiles move across a grid and merge with other tiles of the same number to form a new tile of double the value. The game ends when the grid is filled and there are no more moves to be done. Download it on both Android and iOS platforms.

16. Two Dots

The game is simple. Two or more dots should be connected to wipe out them from the playing arena. Two dots are an elegant and addictive riddle that captivates the players with more than 3000 levels. It’s like a never-ending game. A player might not get bored of it because of the beautiful themes on every level. It is available to play on both Android and iOS platforms.

17. The Gardens Between

Quite a peaceful, wonderful, and lovely game that cites tolerance, trinket, and marvel. The Gardens Between lets out a story that is bitter and sweet simultaneously. It’s a time-traveling puzzle game that doesn’t revolutionize the surging tide of chilling games. Without a single doubt, it is a sensible and stable game that can attract people of all generations. You can download it from both Android and iOS stores.

18. Photographs – Puzzle Stories

Photographs is a compilation of five narrative vignettes, each putting up with half an hour to an hour to finish off, telling tales both through some fascinating pixel art and via the puzzles themselves. As a puzzle game, it’s five completely different puzzle types, each evolving in complicatedness as you move ahead in the game. It’s a story-based game that has delicate and heartfelt tales. Moreover, these are told in formulating pixel pictures. It is available on both Android and iOS platforms.

19. Puralax

Puralax is the next one on the list. This one is quite different and easy as compared to others on the list. It’s a game that is simple and gentle. It will bestow you with a bunch of peaceful stages to win. With the utmost simplicity and modesty, this game will relax your mind rather than twist it at every level. You can download it from both Android and iOS stores.

20. Layton’s Mystery Journey

Another one with awesome stories on every stage. This beautiful game is a compact game full of classic brain-twisters and stories which is brilliantly animated. People who like stories can go for it but those who don’t can skip it as this game may not give you the authentic and rigorous puzzle experience. You can download it from both Android and iOS stores.


That’s our take on the Best Puzzle Games for Mobile Devices. We have opted some obvious match 3 titles including Candy Crush out of this list and included some hidden gems. Surely, there are lots of really cool puzzle games out there that I may have failed to list above. But, these are the choices that really stood out for us. If you feel we’ve missed some major games, do let me know in the comments below and I will make sure to not miss out on even better picks!

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That’s all for the 20 Best Puzzle Games for Mobile Devices. What are your opinions on this 20 Best Mobile Puzzle games list? Let us know in the comments below.

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