What are the features of a good mobile game

The real talking points

Market researcher Newzoo forecasted earlier this year that the Mobile Games will generate a whopping $77.2 billion in 2020. The global games market will generate revenues of $159.3 billion and that’s approximately 50%. It is a well-known fact that millennials are becoming hyperactive and moving very rapidly to smartphones. The massive difference that existed between mobile and pc gamers are now levelled. But as lots of gamers are turning to their smartphones, it’s equally important to know all the pros and cons of each game. There are various clone apps that take all your data and share it on various platforms including the darknet. Here, we will talk about the required general features of a good mobile game.

Basic features of a good mobile game

1. Safety

The first and foremost thing for a gamer is the safety concern while being online. This is a cornerstone of the industry, and providers must demonstrate they comply with their host country’s regulations and protocols. Much of this is based around reputation, something a developer cannot build into a new site, but that is gained over a period of time. The more known a developer becomes, the safer a gamer will feel, which does give bigger brands a head start over newer ventures. However, this really is only a starting point on which to build some of the following appeals.

2. Branding

With such a wide selection of online games, being successful means standing out from the crowd. To do that, some providers use popular brands that are recognized across a range of media. One obvious example is the Marvel Universe, which can be found on mobile devices in many formats, including officially licensed games. By taking the branding, being it directly attributed to Marvel, or imagery loosely based around the themes, an online slot will jump out at a fan and tempt them to play. That concept applies to a host of popular brands and themes, by making them familiar to the gamer, a provider takes a step towards obtaining or retaining custom. Making your game and brand stand out is hugely important in retaining a market share and becoming a good provider.

3. Accessibility

Gamers like to feel in control, whether that is the gaming experience, or simply how they can navigate an app. Online slot developers recognize this as important, as Yohan Leon explained. He is Head of Marketing of Kensho Media and believes that accessibility is a key factor in a successful online provider. “We wanted to create the ultimate free casino game experience for users by giving them fast and beautiful websites where they could always find what they are looking for,” he stated in an interview with Sigma. That means seamless menus, easy access when switching between games, and a swift interface allowing a gamer to browse with ease.

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4. Innovation

One aspect of online gaming which often draws players in is the lure of a gaming experience in their own homes. However, as the market expands, that might not be enough to retain players, who will be looking for that standout experience, something that makes them feel that their developer is unique. Again, industry insiders have recognized this and act accordingly.

“I can promise our players that the live gaming experience they will be able to enjoy at our online casino will be well worth the wait,” said Eric Olders, CEO and Chairman at JVH group, after partnering with Evolution Gaming. “Selecting from the world-class Evolution games portfolio, we will be able to offer our players an exceptional online mix of casino classics and game show-style entertainment that goes beyond simply replicating a visit to a traditional casino venue.”


A good online game starts by being safe and relatively well known. From there, it is the diversity of their offering, as well as their willingness to innovate and offer gamers an experience they buy into which makes them even more attractive. How well they then use popular branding, new approaches and a simple, fluid experience, will depend on how much of the growing market they can harness and retain over the next five years.

What do you think are the most necessary features that a good mobile game should have? Let us know in the comment section!

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