3vs3 Touch Hockey multiplayer is now available on Android devices

The latest free mobile game from HyperCat, 3vs3 Touch Hockey Multiplayer, is now available on Android devices. This game will give sports gaming aficionados hours of fun and excitement thanks to its distinct touch controls and multiplayer functionality.

3vs3 Touch Hockey multiplayer offers Multiplayer Functionality and Unique Touch Controls

3vs3 Touch Hockey offers users to compete against friends or AI in frantic, action-packed bouts thanks to its 3D graphics and top-down gameplay. You have total control over how your team performs thanks to our innovative, easy control system. Making split-second decisions that could mean the difference between triumph and defeat will feel like you are actually in control.

3vs3 Touch Hockey multiplayer available
Image via Hypercat

Yet its unique new elements are what really distinguishes 3VS3 Touch Hockey from other mobile ice hockey games. Players now have a new level of strategic play and may fully utilize the touch screen by drawing their team’s paths on the screen in order to control their team. Players can tailor their gameplay and strategy with this innovative new tool, which will help them advance their team. On-screen joysticks are not awkward. For player movement, draw pathways. For shooting and tackling, quickly tap and swipe.

3vs3 Touch Hockey multiplayer available
Image via Hypercat

The monetization of 3vs3 Touch Hockey is meticulous. “Mobile game pay-to-win mechanics may be viewed as unfair and discouraging by players who don’t want to shell out cash to advance. It may widen the divide between those players who can afford to pay and those who cannot, making the game less fun and competitive “, says Jaakko Väisänen, the creator of the HyperCat video game. Players won’t get an unfair edge by using money to buy new team colours or eliminate advertisements. 3vs3 Touch Hockey, now available on Google Play Store on Android devices is likely to please whether you’re an avid hockey fan or are just looking for a fun and tough mobile game.

What are your thoughts on 3vs3 Touch Hockey multiplayer as the game is now available on Android devices? Do let us know in the comments below!

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