95% of the female gamers in Asia play games on mobile, reveals 2023 Niko Partners Report

Puzzle is the highest played genre by females!

The gaming industry is witnessing remarkable growth with the introduction of new games, attracting not only male players but also a growing number of females. Reinforcing this trend, the 2023 Niko Partners Report uncovers a striking statistic that a staggering 95% of female gamers in Asia are actively embracing gaming on mobile devices.

Mobile gaming stands as the dominant platform among female gamers in Asia

One of the talking points mentioned in the report is that the female gamer market in Asia is experiencing significant growth potential, comprising 37% of total gamers and steadily expanding at a rate of 11% annually. This growth rate is nearly double that of new male gamers, indicating a shift in the gaming landscape.

Niko Partner Report Female mobile gamers asia
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Puzzle is the genre that is being played by a good chunk, followed by MOBA and Battle Royale with player percentages of 39.2, 26.9, and 20.3 respectively, followed by Simulation and RPG at 14.4% and 11.1%. Currently contributing approximately 23.5% of the total revenue in the Asian games market, the female gamer segment has the potential to more than double its size in the coming years as it approaches equal numbers with male gamers.

However, there has been a downside mentioned in the report as well, highlighting areas for improvement in the gaming industry concerning gender representation. More than half of the surveyed female gamers express dissatisfaction with how women are portrayed in games and expressed a need for more diverse and inclusive representations of female avatars and characters.

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With Esports emerging as a crucial driver of monetization, it is great to see mobile gaming standing as the dominant platform among female gamers in Asia. With more games coming, we can expect them to grow larger in numbers.

What are your thoughts on the 2023 Niko Partners Report indicating 95% of the female gamers in Asia play games on mobile? Let us know your opinions in the comments below!

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