Ace Racer: NetEase Games’ futuristic racing game begins pre-registration ahead of its global release

Drive over walls, transform vehicles, and run wild with no-holds-barred moves!

Ace Racer, a brand-new and thrilling mobile racing game from NetEase Games, will be officially released in Japan, North America, South Korea, the territories of Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan, and Southeast Asia on March 16, 2023. A pre-registration campaign for Ace Racer with fantastic in-game rewards has been started for the global release.

Ace Racer features exciting racing gameplay with amazing visuals

Ace Racer is a brand-new racing game for mobile devices. Players battle against one another while utilizing all of their skills. Although this game has quick action and fine controls, getting outstanding results does not solely depend on how well the cars operate.

The game provides players the ability to drive freely outside of what is often permitted. This is possible due to each vehicle’s abilities, such as the ability to change or flash through barriers.

Additionally, the visuals and audio of the talents evoke the thrilling atmosphere of classic arcade games. The controls are made simpler to be compatible with mobile devices, in contrast to the glitzy on-screen graphics. Even those inexperienced with the genre could completely appreciate the excitement of racing with just a few clicks.

Ace Racer global release
Image via NetEase

Players are free to dedicate themselves to quick races whenever and wherever they are thanks to the game’s competitively quick design, which lasts about a minute per round. Take control of the course by ramming, swerving, and driving quickly to the finish.

The game brings circuits from all over the world with a vast collection of cars

One of the most enjoyable aspects of Ace Racer is the circuits that showcase various amazing scenery from around the world. Players could choose from circuits in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Tokyo, Nevada, California, etc., and sprint as fast as they pleased through well-known tourist attractions and stunning landscapes.

A beautiful environment is not the only aspect of the game that displays photo-realistic graphics. Other fun ways to play include customizing and driving real automobile models from well-known automakers like Porsche and Nissan.

Ace Racer global release
Image via NetEase

More than 100 original vehicles from more than 25 prominent carmakers are available in the game. The game includes the real Nissan GT-R and Porsche 911. In addition to using luxurious fantasy automobiles to fill the garage, players could also customize them with paint, stickers, wheels, and lighting. modifying the vehicle, even adding a personalized license plate, making oneself the coolest racer on the track, and taking pleasure in a distinctive driving experience.

The unique three vs. three fight mode adds to the excitement of fast driving. Selecting different roles like speeder, supporter, or blocker as you race with friends.

Ace Racer will provide pre-registration rewards to players post global release

pre-register rewards
Image via NetEase

For players who pre-register, fantastic in-game milestone rewards have been created. Players shouldn’t forget to pre-register on the official website to receive rewards like ten lottery tickets redeemable for luxury cars, fashionable helmets, Aston Martin DB11 paint, British campus-style clothing, and more. After the game’s official launch, all pre-registration rewards will be notified via in-game mail.

What are your thoughts as Ace Racer begins pre-registration ahead of its global release? Let us know in the comments below!

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