Activision launches the COD Mobile Creator Club for its growing community of content creators

Those interested can now join the COD Mobile Creator Club

Activision has announced that it is launching the COD Mobile Creator Club which will be a platform for content creators to celebrate their creations. Any popular video game franchise has its own community of content creators and Call of Duty is no exception. This initiative by Activision will bring like-minded community creators together who will have a common platform to celebrate their artistry.

What is COD Mobile Creator Club

The creator club will be providing a common platform for content creators to serve their community. They can build new content featuring COD Mobile, share their gameplay and entertain video game fans in general. The creator club will include champion players from all backgrounds who are passionate about the game.

They will be provided with additional tools and resources which will help them to improve their individual skillsets for creating unique and cool content for the ever-growing COD Mobile community.

Call of duty mobile release, COD Mobile Creator Club
Image via Activision

As of now, the Creator Club is available in its beta phase and only available in the United States and Mexico. Activision has said that it will be made available worldwide by the end of 2022. 

The Creator Club has been created to empower all the content creators equally but as of now, Activision has made it clear that the space is very limited in the beta phase so creators must have basic criteria for admission to the Creator Club.

How to join the Call of Duty: Mobile Creator Club

The criteria have been divided into three levels. The Level 1: Elite tag will be given to a content channel which is a “relatively new or growing channel that actively interacts with its community.” The Level 2: Master tag is for those content channels which are established within the community and have good growth potential and maintain active interaction with their respective communities. The Level 3: Legendary tag is reserved for those who already have a well-established community and is continuing to grow exponentially with their vibrant and dedicated community.

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