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Aether Gazer brings “A Night Falls Red” update with a new S-Grade Modifier, Special Storylines, and more

This latest version unveils an engrossing new segment in Aether Gazer

Aether Gazer, the renowned action RPG known for its anime-inspired allure, brims with excitement as anticipation mounts for its forthcoming substantial update: Version 2.1, whimsically labeled “A Night Falls Red.” This latest iteration unveils a captivating new chapter segment, accompanied by an array of fresh features.

Highlights include a time-limited event, the introduction of two new Modifiers, an expansion of ultimate skill chains for heightened combat dynamics, and a plethora of enticing rewards. Festivities will continue till 23:00 (UTC-7) on March 18th, 2024.

A Night Falls Red update brings limited-time events with various rewards to Aether Gazer

Administrators find themselves summoned to embrace a multitude of captivating challenges within the much-anticipated Aether Gazer event. Engage in a variety of compelling trials such as Banquet Invitation, Pressing Priorities, Day After Day, and Gen-zone Simulation to test their capabilities. Moreover, the Limited-Time Event Return presents a rare chance for those who missed out previously to join in and seize victory—letting this opportunity slip away is not an option.

During this exclusive timeframe, Administrators have the opportunity to obtain an assortment of enticing rewards. Among these coveted prizes are Shifted Stars, the refined Whispering Waves attire for TaiYi – Gengchen, Spirit Extract T4, and numerous other valuable treasures awaiting those who dare to plunge into the depths of this thrilling journey.

New Modifiers arrive with the Aether Gazer A Night Falls Red update

S-Grade Modifier: TaiYi – Gengchen

TaiYi – Gengchen hails from the Tian Yuan Gen-zone as a powerful Ranged Modifier. As the founder of the Quad and the steadfast guardian of Xu Heng, Gengchen takes an active role in all matters, whether they are of great significance or daily trivialities. She has three powerful skills, dealing varying degrees of Water DMG to enemies.

S-Grade Modifier: Omnisight – Luliang

Omnisight – Luliang, emerging from the Tian Yuan Gen-zone, serves as a Wind-attribute melee support character. Harnessing her unique wind-commanding techniques, Luliang manipulates Omnicalc to assail her foes.

Aether Gazer A Night Falls Red Luliang
Image via Yostar Games

Her first skill allows her to swiftly glide forward with Omnicalc, executing amounts of Wind DMG. For her second ability, she throws Omnicalc to initiate a spinning assault against the enemy, delivering Wind DMG damage with precision.

Aether Gazer introduces new skill chains and functors with the update

New Ultimate Skillchains

The Ultimate Skillchain remains a central gameplay mechanic within Aether Gazer. This update introduces two fresh Ultimate Skillchains:

  • Ink-stained Flames: TaiYi – Gengchen & Untainted Heart – Lingguang
  • The Longmen Leap: Omnisight – Luliang & TaiYi – Gengchen

New Functors

In this update, two new 5-Star Functors have been made available in the Co-op Shop. Administrators can earn these by completing Cooperating Contract and redeeming them for a 5-star universal Functor. The new additions are:

  • Elf – Estelle (Recommended Modifier: Archaic Oath – Verthandi)
  • Pharaoh – Khaba (Recommended Modifier: The Innocence – Osiris)

Furthermore, two New Exclusive Functors have also been introduced:

  • 5-Star Functor Otherworlder – Shenli (Recommended Modifier: TaiYi – Gengchen)
  • 5-Star Functor Otherworlder – Hujiao (Recommended Modifier: Omnisight – Luliang)

Aether Gazer A Night Falls Red update brings new additions to the store

The version 2.1 update introduces a captivating array of new items in the in-game store, designed to enthrall Administrators who wish to elevate the aesthetic appeal of their characters. This season’s wardrobe update features the hauntingly exquisite Symphonia Requiem outfit for Darkstar – Hel, and the culturally inspired Miss Rice Dumpling attire for Omnisight – Luliang, adding a seasonal touch of elegance.

Another highlight is the return of the graceful Butterfly Dreams ensemble for Darkstar-Hel, imbuing the game with a sense of fantastical allure. Additionally, a selection of New Limited Packs is now available in Aether Gazer A Night Falls Red update, offering Administrators a range of delightful surprises to enrich their gaming experience.

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