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Aether Gazer brings “Shadow Under Convallaria” update with Exclusive Storylines, S-grade modifiers, and more

The latest update of the anime-themed action RPG Aether Gazer, named Shadow Under Convallaria, has been released and is now accessible to players. This update introduces a beguiling new plot along with a slew of features. consisting of a brief event, three new modifiers, two more ultimate skillchains, and a variety of rewards. From September 5 to October 10, 2023, players will get to take part in the magic of the event.

The Story of Shadow Under Convallaria in Aether Gazer

A captivating narrative is told in Shadow Under Convallaria. The invitation to the quinquennial Ardisis Ceremony is delivered by Hera, the representative of the Society of Muses. The study of Novich’s illusive traces is the occasion’s unstated goal. The Aether Gazer sends the Administrator and Ver to the Ardisis Ceremony, where they participate. In this city, incidents of theft frequently surface, with society’s members becoming the victims of stolen goods.

Aether Gazer introduces a limited-time event with various rewards in the latest update

Administrators can immerse themselves in a variety of challenges during the event, which runs from September 5 to October 10 in 2023, including Rhyming Resonance, Scrolls in the Dream, Dance of War, Lost One’s Theater, Autumn Fortune, Storm and Farce, and many more.

Administrators have the chance to participate in a variety of gameplay types throughout this brief event, opening the door to a number of highly desired rewards. The Elegant Snooze attire made specifically for Ryugiri – Kagutsuchi, Shifted Stars, Ain Soph Coins, Sigil Module T3, and several more priceless things are among these treasures. A 7-day Sign-In event has also been planned just for Administrators. They can obtain numerous rewards, like Coolants, Spirit Extract T3, and more, by simply logging in during this event.

Aether Gazer “Where the Butterfly Belongs” update introduces new modifiers

S-Grade Modifier: Puppet Master – Hades

Aether Gazer Shadow Under Convallaria
Image via Yostar Games

Hades, an extraordinary shadow S-Grade Modifier hailing from the Olympus Gen-zone. A true virtuoso of puppetry, Hades deftly manipulates threads, orchestrating alternating attacks between two puppets. Through the mesmerizing spectacle of the Puppet Show, it brings the battle to a captivating finale.

S-Grade Modifier: Flowfly Mist – Shu

Aether Gazer Shadow Under Convallaria
Image via Yostar Games

Flowfly Mist – Shu wields two lances with a continuous flourish, launching attacks against adversaries. These lances possess distinct Wind and Thunder attributes. The shorter lance, Flowfly, utilizes electric power to paralyze and immobilize targets. The longer lance, Mist, features a blade perpetually veiled in dense fog. This fog has the ability to entwine and bewilder enemies with its fluid motion.

A-Grade Modifier: Drowsie – Oneiroi

Aether Gazer Shadow Under Convallaria
Image via Yostar Games

Oneiroi, a Light A-Grade Modifier hailing from the Olympus Gen-zone. Functioning as a healer, Oneiroi excels not only in control but also in resistance reduction. With a well-rounded attribute profile, she can seamlessly adapt to a variety of team compositions.

Aether Gazer brings new functors for new Modifiers and new ultimate skillchains

In Aether Gazer, the Ultimate Skillchain continues to be a key gameplay element. In this release, two new Ultimate Skillchains are introduced:

  • Fantasy Fantoccini (Puppet Master – Hades & Drowsie – Oneiroi)
  • Thunder Shock ( Flowfly Mist – Shu & Archaic Oath – Verthandi)

Accompanying the debut of new Modifiers, this update also introduces three additional functors. Equipping these functors can greatly enhance the damage efficiency of the Modifiers:

  • 5-Star Functor Herald – Cerberus (Recommended Modifier: Puppet Master – Hades)
  • 5-Star Functor Herald – Chrysomallos (Recommended Modifier: Drowsie – Oneiroi)
  • 5-Star Functor Pharaoh – Menkaure (Recommended Modifier: Flowfly Mist – Shu)

Grab amazing new arrivals at the store

The in-game store has received a variety of exciting additions with the v1.3 release. One of them is the puppet master Hades’ “Nighttime Iris” attire. Also, a selection of Special Packs created for Flowfly Mist – Shu and Puppet Master – Hades are available, offering Administrators seamless help in strengthening these two outstanding S-Grade Modifiers.

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