AEW: Rise to the Top is an upcoming mobile game announced by ESGG in partnership with All Elite Wrestling (AEW)

A mobile game designed for fans by fans

East Side Games Group (ESGG) has unveiled a thrilling upcoming mobile game called AEW: Rise to the Top, which is a result of their collaboration with All Elite Wrestling (AEW). This merging of talents joins the creative prowess of East Side Games Group with the exceptional lineup of AEW to craft a fresh gaming encounter for mobile users.

Scheduled for release on 27 August 2023, the European Beta launch of AEW: Rise to the Top will take place on both iOS and Android platforms. Interestingly, this launch date coincides with AEW’s grand AEW: All In London at Wembley Stadium event.

ESGG and AEW join forces to deliver AEW: Rise to the Top

Aubrey Edwards, the Senior Project Manager for AEW Games, expresses her enthusiasm about collaborating with ESGG, stating that the experience has been nothing short of a dream. Not only does she highlight ESGG’s expertise in the mobile gaming arena, but she also points out their team’s fervent devotion to wrestling as fans.

She emphasizes the immense dedication poured into the creation of ‘AEW: Rise to the Top,’ anticipating the excitement fans will feel while engaging with this exceptional game that brings a fresh perspective to AEW’s genuine essence.

AEW Rise to the Top gameplay
Image via East Side Games Studio

Mark Caplan, the Vice President of Licensing and Games at All Elite Wrestling, voices AEW’s pride in the partnership with ESGG, an alliance aimed at delivering the distinctive thrill of their professional wrestling brand to mobile gamers across the globe. He elaborates on how the game aligns with AEW’s strategy to bridge their televised and pay-per-view broadcasts with the interactive realm of gaming.

Caplan acknowledges the pivotal role played by Game Masons’ development team in shaping the innovative creative vision and highlights the collaborative efforts of ESGG and AEW in both production and marketing that have made this venture possible.

AEW Rise to the Top
Image via East Side Games Studio

Fans residing outside Europe will have the opportunity to sign up for the Beta version of AEW: Rise to the Top on the official website. The Beta will help ESGG create a genuine gaming experience that reflects AEW’s spirit. The game is scheduled for release in North America and other regions outside of Europe later this year.

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