AFK Arena Halloween update 2019: New hero, events and more!

AFK Arena Halloween update 2019 is here with a new hero, a new event, a possessed Nemora and more! Players received 600 diamonds as compensation for when the server was offline, and some more additions to the game.

A new Lightbearer hero arrives

Rigby, the Brewmaster. You are now able to draw him from the Noble Tavern with enough luck. Rigby’s main position is the front as a tank, his class being strength and fighting in melee style. One of his skills is to hurl the barrel he’s carrying to the enemies and lighting it on fire, causing massive AOE damage. For more info about him, check out his page.

New Implementations in AFK Arena Halloween update 2019

Several additions were made in this patch, but let’s just focus on some. A new Voyage of Wonders has been added, The Fallen Souls. This one is comparatively easier than the last one, so you should be able to finish it with no problem.

The English version of the game has received a new font as well; it is no longer compact and squeezed and has some room to breathe. Players can now as well use diamonds to switch between faction packs within the Noble Tavern.

You can see the changelog here.

New event: Cursed Nemore!

You can now defeat Nemora and her Dreaf minions. She’ll constantly spawn new Dreaf to defeat, and they become bigger and stronger each time. You’ll get Creepy Candy after the timer runs out, which you can exchange for other rewards, like a hero you desperately need.

In-Game Community Forum

You might notice a new button appeared on your campaign page. That’s the forum for the community. You can discuss and share your thoughts and read about official updates for the game.

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