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AFK Arena: The Burning Brute Event has arrived

Burning Brute is a new event that is now ongoing in AFK Arena and many adventures are trying their best to defeat the beast. It came to Esperia through a broken space-continuum and slaying this brute was unsuccessful. But scientists have found a weakness: Sound. Players have 12 days before the event ends.

The Burning Brute

burning brute afk arena

It’s a huge beast, resembling the trusted mount of Skreg. It comes with three different abilities to endanger the adventurers. By attacking the brute you obtain a currency known as Astrobells. More damage equals more Bells. With Astrobells you can then exchange them for heroes, scrolls, soulstones, gold or chests. You can fight this beast only once a day but are encouraged to retry your attempt to get better results.

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Skills and Abilities

  • Doze: When the Burning Brute’s health falls below 80% and 50% it falls asleep for 5 seconds. If the Brute is dealt damage that exceeds 10% of its total health it will awaken and use a more ferocious method of attacking its enemies. (The Brute will awaken naturally on its own after a certain duration of time if it is not triggered by damage.)
  • Flame Breath: The Brute breathes fire out of its mouth, inflicting damage on its enemies. Once the Brute awakens from its “Doze” state it receives a new type of ability that causes the ground below its enemies’ feet to burn, dealing AoE damage to them.
  • Blaze Barrier: The Brute summons a fiery barrier around itself at the beginning of battles that is able to reduce the damage of all incoming attacks which come from outside of the shield by 80%. Shield is deactivated while the Brute’s “Doze” ability is being used.

How to get 100 Bells in The Burning Brute?

Players are discussing what the best formation is in this event to obtain all 100 Bells. Everyone will have different results, depending on the hero tier and level. Here are some good formation that have worked for many players. Join the discussion over on Reddit as well.

Front RowBack Row
Shemira, Estrilda Rosaline, Rowan, Twins (Elijah & Lailah)
Shemira, Rosaline Rowan, Baden, Lorsan
Wu Kong, Brutus Belinda, Rowan, Saveas
Athalia, Eironn Rosaline, Rowan, Lorsan
Kaz, Rosaline Lorsan, Rowan, Wu Kong

What’s important is, that you have some support heroes that will keep pushing your damage dealers.

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