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Airship Knights is a new idle RPG now available globally on Android and iOS

Sail through the skies of the mysterious technomagical world!

Airship Knights, an idle RPG, is now available globally. An easy AFK, the game will let players enjoy the nostalgic side of JRPGs. The player assumes the role of Flying Island’s first commander. The captain will have to be in charge of his own airship’s “Operation” to get past the endless phases. We’re here to share some advice with you on how to become a successful captain of an airship.

Break through the infinite stages with AFK play in Airship Knights

Strengthening the engine is the captain’s top priority.  Using the “metals” players gain during AFK battles, strengthen the Mana Engine. Captains will be able to instantly gain strength and dispatch enemies all at once! Use “Overclock” when taking on high stages because it doubles mana generation.

Airship Knights
Image via SuperPlanet

If players run into trouble, they can try the “Return function.” The airship and engine enchantments will be reset, but don’t be discouraged—by acquiring Magicites, you can then get permanent powers! Even quicker speed is possible if you utilize the Magicites to raise the knight’s level. Don’t forget to perform your “Return” so you can earn an even cooler and quicker airship.

Players can unlock special skills if they successfully run 8 cabins. The amount of metal or mana obtained would be increased. By strategically putting the knights, players can also boost their HP and gain extra benefits. Be cautious when touching the knights that are pacing the cabins as their cute reactions can be addictive. Airship Knights can now be downloaded for free from Android and iOS.

Are you excited as Airship Knights is now available for Android and iOS? Let us know in the comments below!

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