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Ange Relink, a new romance adventure RPG is set to release on Android and iOS this August 14th

The sequel to Ange Vierge arrives soon!

Kadokawa and f4samurai have announced that their upcoming romance adventure RPG Ange Relink will release on both Android and iOS devices this August 14th. Ange Relink is a sequel to Ange Vierge, a mobile TCG title that ended service back on December 20, 2021.

Ange Relink will feature a new story taking place after the events in Ange Vierge

Ange Relink takes place one year after Ange Vierge and shows a world on the verge of destruction. The story follows a girl named Euphilia who possesses a special ability called Exceed, which allows her to travel through time. Euphilia is trying to avoid the tragic fate of her world and turns to you for help in restoring its future. The key to success lies in the choices you make, as they have the power to reshape the world’s destiny and prevent its downfall.

Ange Relink release
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The game offers a brand new storyline that occurs after Ange Vierge. Players are taken on a journey through various obstacles with the heroines within a time limit of one month, aiming to get the best possible ending. The game is set in the academy city of Seiran Island where players meet heroines called Progress. These heroines have amazing abilities and play an essential role in the game’s story progression. Players will form deep relationships with them, forming intimate and endearing relationships.

Ange Relink features a real-time card-based combat system in the game. This combat system mixes the strategic gameplay of traditional trading card games with thrilling real-time action. Players will be immersed in fast-paced battles that they must engage with careful strategy and thought. The game also has an online battle mode where players can engage in online battles against their friends using QR codes.

Ange Relink is set to release on both Android and iOS devices this August 14, 2023, via Google Play and App Store. However, there’s no information if the launch will be global or not. Interested fans and players can visit the official website and Twitter handle for more details on the game.

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