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Apex Legends Mobile China version ‘High Energy Heroes’ will release on October 31, 2023, according to the iOS store listing

The game nears towards an official release!

High Energy Heroes brought to you by Tencent Games is the new China version of Apex Legends Mobile which got shut down for mobile devices earlier this year. As per the iOS Store listing, the developers are all set to release High Energy Heroes on October 31, 2023, as reported by APKCBT on Twitter.

High Energy Heroes will be aiming to capture the market left behind by Apex Legends Mobile

There is no doubt that the vacuum created by Apex Legends Mobile is massive and while there are many other games in the market of the genre, High Energy Heroes, announced last month for China is the closest experience you can get to the original Apex Mobile. Thus, High Energy Heroes will be aiming to capture the market left behind by Apex Legends Mobile and get similar success and reception if not more from the fans in the community.

High Energy Heroes China, High Energy Heroes
Image via Tencent Games

Despite getting shut down by the developers, the game managed to shake the roots of the industry a bit and thus managed to secure a dedicated fanbase for the game. This fanbase while having migrated to different titles post the shutdown of Apex Mobile might still appreciate High Energy Heroes and return to the game as fans and prospective players.

Thus the only thing the developers should make sure about is to get it right this time around with High Energy Heroes and avoid the game seeing the similar fate that Apex Mobile saw.

High Energy Heroes release iOS, High Energy Heroes
Image via Tencent Games

The game, High Energy Heroes offers the same battle royale madness and chaos as the original Apex Legends Mobile did. This ensures that the players would be able to experience very similar gameplay and a set of features in the game.

All things said it will be really interesting to see how the new game performs and what reception it gets when it is released for players allegedly on October 31, 2023, if the rumors are true. The game will also be released for Android, interested fans in China can learn more about the game through their Weibo profile.

What are your thoughts on High Energy Heroes unveiling its release date via the iOS listing? Do let us know in the comments below!

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