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Apex Legends Mobile Underworld update: New Character, Game Modes and more

Since it launched a few months ago, Apex Legends Mobile has offered players searching for a taste of Respawn Entertainment’s mobile services a reliable alternative battle royale experience. Now that the newest installment of the mobile game is almost here, Respawn and Electronic Arts have given us a preview of what it will have to offer. The subsequent Battle Pass update in Apex Legends Mobile, named Underworld will launch on November 29th, and it’ll bring a brand new battle pass, a new way to play Battle Royale, new events, map updates, and updates to the Ranked system.

Introducing Revenant, the new legend

Formerly, Revenant was a human. He once held the title of the Mercenary Syndicate‘s top assassin. When he used to look in the mirror, his human face would appear. But as time marches on, everything changes, and when his programming finally failed, he realised what the Mercenary Syndicate and Hammond Robotics had created in him: a living nightmare of steel and skeletal flesh. His masters used a simulacrum to resurrect him, snatching him out of death’s grasp repeatedly and teaching him to forget.

Apex Legends Mobile Underworld update
Image via EA

He vowed to find every single person who had wronged him, but more than two centuries have passed and he now believes they have all vanished. His desire for revenge has been rekindled by Hammond Robotics’ return to the Outlands, and he won’t relent until every person associated with Hammond is dead. Naturally, he has no problem dismembering a few Legends along the way. He used to require a justification for murder, but that man is no longer him.

Skills and Abilities of Revenant

Passive: Stalker

Revenant is able to crouch-walk faster and climb higher than his foes.

Tactical Ability: Silence

Throw a device that deals damage and disables enemy abilities for short periods.

Ultimate Ability: Death Totem

Drop a totem that protects those who use it from death for a set amount of time. Instead of being killed or downed, users will be teleported back to the totem and restored to a certain amount of health when they receive critical damage,

Revenant’s Perks in Apex Legends Mobile

  • Death Stalker: Crouch-walk speed increases
  • Nightmare Fuel: Climbing reloads your weapons.
  • Creeping Dread: Allows Revenant to climb with horizontal control.
  • No Rest For The Wicked: Death Totem grants Stalker to allies.
  • Fear Paralysis: Enemies hit by Silence will also be slowed.
  • Zombie Siphon: While under the effect of Death Totem, knocking enemies restores HP.
  • Battle Adaptation: Using your finisher adds 100 points to your EVO Shield.
  • Deadly Momentum: Using your finisher reduces your Ultimates Cooldown by 30%
  • Interrogator: Using your Finisher Reveals the location of your target’s squad on the mini-map.

Key Updates in Apex Legends Mobile

New Battle Pass

The Underworld Battle Pass is here to provide you with some killer weapon cosmetics and drop-dead gorgeous Legend cosmetics!

Apex Legends Mobile Underworld update
Image via EA

New Events

  • Nightmare Begins: With Revenant comes nightmares in this limited-time mode: Nightmare Begins! Requiem Supply bins have begun to spawn all around World’s Edge and Kings Canyon. These supply bins have Metal Skulls in them, a new seasonal currency you can use to unlock awesome rewards!
  • Airdrop Escalation: A mysterious benefactor has sponsored the Airdrops for this season of the Apex Games. During this limited-time event, the rate at which Airdrops land on the map will be increased, and equipped with fully kitted weapons! 
  • Second Shot: Second Shot is a Battle Royale limited-time mode that enables you to instantly revive when your enemies least expect it. Wait for your foes to drop their guard and return the killing blow for sweet revenge!
  • New Year’s Kickoff: The holiday event kicks off and will go on until the new year! Participate in the festival’s events to earn our event currency: gold, as well as epic and legendary Legend and gun skins.
  • Ranked Update: With the release of Underworld, we’re introducing a new ranked split as well as adding additional Ranked Rewards.  With that, we’re going to be resetting your rank as we did at the beginning of Hyperbeat – similar to the reset that occurred at the beginning of the previous season.

Additionally, new Ranked rewards will be available to the higher ranks so jump in and compete to show off your skills! A brand new storefront just opened up supported by Xsolla. The Apex Legends Mobile Web Store boasts awesome deals on Syndicate Gold and unique bundles!

We hope you find this Apex Legends Mobile Underworld update article helpful. Then, please feel free to ask any questions in the comments section below, we’ll make sure to reply to everyone. 

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