Apple to allow side-loading and alternative App Stores in 2024

A major overhaul for the iOS platform

European Union has passed a law that would require Apple to enable alternative App Stores to feature on their platform, according to a report from Bloomberg. This enacting law for the countries dubbed the Digital Markets Act which would focus on lowering the barriers to entry in the technology and software industry to be precise, similar laws for other industries are in work in the EU commission but not in effect. Digital Markets Act too would be in effect from 2024, companies are required to adjust their functioning but not strictly follow their business till 2024.

The laws would reportedly be applied to technology companies with market valuations of at least €75 billion and a minimum of 45 million within the EU.

Apple allowing third-party stores on its platform might be a game changer for many

The new law will see many famous app stores like Apple allow the installation of third-party apps through their platforms. It’s not a surprise that Apple Stores and Google Play hold the monopoly in the industry with both being the go-to downloading platforms for Android and iOS respectively.

Thus new comers and upcoming promising app-downloading platforms get completely overshadowed by the presence of these giants. A good example would be Mobigenie, although being a user friendly and has a large variety of apps, the platform is only known by a few and used by even fewer.

The laws as stated before are passed by the authorities in the EU and hence would be only applied to European countries baring The UK. The European markets have the second most sales for Apple stores in the world, hence this would definitely make a mark in their gross earnings. Other countries like U.S. and Canada which were also pushing for similar laws could be expected to follow up EU with similar sorts of laws in the coming years.

This might start a new era for iOS

Apple stores used to charge their commission on the purchases or downloads done through their platform which was believed to be around 30%, this definitely increased the cost to the developers. And Apple’s percentage cut has already been criticised in the community.

Apple alternative App Stores, Apple Stores
Image via GamingonPhone (data credits: Bloomberg)

With these new laws, people all across the EU would have different options to look for other than apple as well. How well these laws will be accepted by the people or how successful they would be is a different story, but these laws are definitely positive steps toward decentralizing the markets and should be welcomed.

These new laws would definitely give newcomers to the app-distributing industry an equal chance to compete with the traditional heavyweights and would help to create a fair market for everyone, which was previously not present.

What are your thoughts on Apple allowing alternative App Stores on their platform? Do let us know in the comments below!

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