Archosaur Games showcased a teaser video with Unreal Engine 5 on Unreal Open Day (UOD) 2021

A new leap into the world of gaming and technology

Archosaur Games, a Chinese game developer being one of the first companies to develop mobile games using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine environment, recently created a cross-platform teaser video using Unreal Engine 5 (UE5) that was showcased today at the annual Unreal Open Day (UOD) 2021.

A breakthrough technology at Unreal Open Day (UOD) 2021 using Unreal Engine 5

The 45-second teaser video released at Unreal Open Day (UOD) 2021 shows players what a next-gen cross-platform game could look like using UE5 environment and renders, with epic breakthroughs and evolution in lumen, dynamic effects, and realistic details that are equal to and in some cases, even surpasses that of the biggest titles for PC and console systems in the gaming industry.

Archosaur Games at Unreal Open Day (UOD) 2021
Archosaur Games at Unreal Open Day (UOD) 2021

Archosaur Games futuristic MMO IPs using Unreal Engine

The company goes way back to developing mobile games using Unreal Engine, including franchise MMO games like Dragon Raja and Epic War: Thrones. With console-level graphics, Dragon Raja for PC and mobile versions has created a neo-noir futuristic Tokyo cityscape for players to live and explore and amassed a huge worldwide following.  

The UE5 game in Unreal Open Day (UOD) 2021 to start development soon

The upcoming unnamed cross-platform UE5 game that was premiered at the Unreal Open Day (UOD) 2021 with their upcoming MMORPG UE4 title, Noah’s Heart, which features a Steampunk seamless open-world mechanics, all will start with the testing phase on December 21st, 2021.

What are your thoughts on the new Unreal Engine 5 teaser video at Unreal open (UOD) 2021? Let us know in the comments below!

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