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Arena of Valor 2nd anniversary: Snowdown showdown

AoV is dead?

It’s been a while now that publisher Tencent announced to drop the support for Arena of Valor both in NA and EU servers. This apparently happened to focus on the mobile version of League of Legends, so when Riot announced the release of Wild Rift for 2020, players already expected this to be AoV’s final killing blow.

However, Tencent suddenly decided to start all over again. Several Developer Letters got posted on Reddit during the last weeks, updates happen way more frequently again and so do special events. They even have a pretty active Discord server now and in their letters, the AoV staff extensively addresses game balance and player satisfaction to optimize the game experience. If anything, the game seems more vivid than ever!

Arena of Valor 2nd anniversary event

The actual event takes place from December 19th until January 12th. On the official Facebook page, we got a foretaste of what to expect, yet the devs also promised even more to come.

AoV is about to celebrate its 2nd anniversary! In order to thank all you challengers for your dedication to the game, we will begin the big celebration of the 2nd anniversary from Dec. 19th to Jan. 12th.
Dec. 20th – Dec. 26th: Free Skin Box that contains Grakk-Snowsickle and Omega-Real Steel
Dec. 25th – Jan.8th: Pick one hero from Tulen, Alice and Riktor along with free new Arthur Epic Skin
Jan.1st – Jan.12th Tulen’s New Year Party with surprise gift!
There will be more! Keep an eye out as we announce other celebratory activities!
Arena of Valor 2nd anniversary Grakk skin
Grakk’s skin: Snowsickle – make sure to claim it in time!

On December 25th, all Heroes will also be available for free and players will gain double gold the whole day. What else? Well, anniversary time is surprise time.

So, what do you think? Will Arena of Valor make it through Wild Rift’s release or is it a desperate try to revive the game? Let us know your opinion in the comment section below. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more gaming news.

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