Arena of Valor Aoi: Everything you need to know about the upcoming Hero

A new character set to launch!

Arena of Valor is all set to launch a new hero in the game named Aoi. She has a close relationship with Airi and belongs to the same organization as her. She is also allied with an unreleased champion known as Dragon Tooth Taichi, who may become a future champion. Born from a mother of prestigious Okka lineage and an elite ninja father, Aoi will soon be coming to the battlefield of Arena of Valor.

How to use Aoi’s abilities in Arena of Valor?

From what we know, Aoi is an Attack Damage assassin jungler with high mobility. Her main niche is second-ability. It allows her to throw out grappling hooks that hook onto the terrain, spinning her in a circle. During this motion, she is unstoppable and cannot be crowd-controlled. The main idea of engaging is to use her second ability to spin to a location where the enemy backlines are vulnerable to your attacks. Close the gap you have with them, then dismount by pressing your second ability the second time. Now, you can proceed to assassinate them. By stacking multiple grappling hooks at once, she is hyper-mobile and can dash through the map with ease.

Arena of Valor Aoi

Her first ability just allows her to dash forward and do damage in a circle in front of her and isn’t anything game-breaking or special. It is mostly used as a follow-up to her grappling hook. It’s a handy basic skill that can one-shot your opponents in the right situations.

Her ultimate allows her to fly up in the air and launch her grappling hooks onto the ground. She can then pulls its strings to the ground, dealing damage to the rectangle below. During the cast time of the ultimate, Aoi is invincible and cannot receive any damage. With her ultimate giving her invincibility frames and extremely high burst damage, she can use this to destroy team fights without the fear of being killed.

Arena of Valor Aoi

Though no actual stats have been given we can anticipate the coming of another backline one-shotting assassin just like Paine, Quillen, Keera and friends.

Estimated Tier of Aoi

Overall, she will likely end up in A-tier during release due to her hypermobility and insane damage. The estimated tier is for reference only as we have not been provided concrete data of her ability damage.


As of recent, characters coming into the game have been heavily tied into the lore and Aoi is no exception. She gives us more information and context on the mysterious island that both Airi and Hayate are from. Her kit, being somewhat similar to Fanny from Mobile Legends (MLBB) and Camille from League of Legends: Wild Rift, she is sure to be a popular pick. So to all players, look out for Aoi as she may be swinging into battle soon.

What are your views on the new hero in Arena of Valor, Aoi? Do let us know in the comments!

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