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Ark Battle Girls, a fantasy RPG from Loongcheer Game, begins its open beta test for Android

Experience a unique strategic combat system!

The fantasy RPG, Ark Battle Girls, developed by Loongcheer Game, begins an open beta test for Android devices. Players take on the role of the skywalker, partnering with Destiny girls, and embarking on a mystical quest to confront diverse adversaries and ultimately rescue the world. The game features lively hues, particularly within the dynamic castle and ark, crafting a refined user interface blending realism with a whimsical fairy atmosphere.

Experience an anime-inspired strategy game in Ark Battle Girls

Ark Battle Girls embodies a distinct anime-inspired art style rooted in Japanese aesthetics. Character designs and dialogues encapsulate the vibrant, youthful essence commonly associated with anime girls. The game offers an immersive interactive experience, allowing players to engage with characters through responsive facial expressions and actions triggered by specific touches—ranging from shy to happy or even angry reactions.

Moreover, Ark Battle Girls appeals to strategy game enthusiasts by introducing a unique strategic combat system featuring COMBO and Boost configurations. Building higher combos within a single round yields increased damage bonuses. Each skill activation requires varying amounts of AP, necessitating strategic skill employment within the specified AP limits to maximize combos for greater damage output.

Furthermore, each round initiates a chance to acquire BOOST, enhancing a hero’s skills and bolstering their combat prowess. Lastly, players must consider faction attribute restraints, adding another layer of strategic depth to the gameplay experience.

Conquer unique bosses and towers for bountiful rewards in Ark Battle Girls open beta

Players have numerous gameplay options to explore, whether engaging in player versus player (PVP) or player versus environment (PVE) scenarios. With over 10 gameplay systems available for testing, they can confront distinctive formidable bosses and ascend towers to access abundant resources.

By challenging the world boss and inflicting greater damage, they aim for higher ranks. Additionally, capturing and controlling multiple fortresses against global opponents is a strategic endeavor, while showcasing dominance involves defeating numerous adversaries in PVP battles. Interested players can join the Ark Battle Girls open beta test on Android.

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