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Arknights brings What the Firelight Casts event with new operators, outfits, and more

Strategic mobile RPG Arknights has announced its newest event, “What the Firelight Casts,” which is now live in the game. This event offers players a fresh new story to immerse themselves in, as well as a variety of rewards, gaming modes, three new outfits, and the introduction of three new Operators. The event is open through August 3rd.

What the Firelight Casts event brings three new operators and new outfits in Arknights

The major narrative of this incident traces Reed’s life path from her carefree youth to her existence as a fugitive after her family was destroyed. Reed succeeds in becoming the head of Dublinn after being adopted. A crucial task pushes Reed to consider her life and finally discover inner peace, marking a key turning point.

Together with the narrative, the actual event runs from July 13 at 10:00 until August 3 at 03:59. (UTC-7). Players can obtain a variety of worthwhile rewards at this time, like Puzzle’s Tokens, Pieces of furniture for Reed’s Cabin, Headhunting Permits, Module Materials, Elite Materials, LMD, Battle Records, etc.

By completing the event missions, finishing the event stages, and redeeming from the event store, River Valley Caravan, you can earn these items. Also, gamers can earn rich goodies like Pudding’s Special Costume, Emergency Sanity Concentration, etc. by simply remaining active for 10 days.

The Limited-time Headhunting, To Blossom From a Dim Flame, is available during the event, and the following 3 new Operators emerge from this Standard Headhunting at a higher rate:

6-Star Medic: Reed The Flame Shadow

With the introduction of Reed, players can witness a skillful Operator who not only provides healing support to teammates but also enhances her own attack power while releasing the skills. In addition, Reed possesses the ability to bestow damage buffs upon other Operators while mitigating enemy attacks through her talent. This remarkable skill set positions her as a critical role for helping dictate the pace of battle and contributing to team success when she is on the battlefield.

Arknights What the Firelight Casts event
Image via Yostar Games

5-Star Caster: Harmonie

Harmonie is a skilled caster capable of significantly reducing her attack interval, slowing-down enemies, and inflicting sustained damage. Meanwhile, another new Operator Puzzle is currently only obtainable from the event.

5-Star Vanguard: Puzzle

Puzzle, an Agent hailing from Victoria, possesses remarkable skills that enable him to stack damage inflicted on enemies with each successive attack.

Image via Yostar Games

Apart from these operators, Goldenglow, Erato, and Greyy the Lightningbearer all receive three new costumes from the “Icefield Messenger Collection” during the event. Moreover, players who missed out on the “Cambrian Serious” re-edition outfits for Bibeak, Arene, and Gravel the first time around can now purchase them.

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