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Arknights: Yostar Games launches the Interlocking Competition event with a brand new Operator

Players can expect a new game format and tons of amazing rewards!

Arknights, the strategic mobile RPG, has released a brand new event Interlocking Competition: Hymnoi Wisdom that will provide players with a new game format and unique rewards. In addition to this new event will have a new 6-star Operator, new clothes, and a new furniture set. The Interlocking Competition Event will take place from December 29th to January 8th and will include three distinct types of stages: Training Base, Final Proving Ground, and Post, all of which must be completed in order.

Arknights Interlocking Competition: Hymnoi Wisdom

During this event, players may harvest Competition Medals to redeem growth materials and Podenco’s outfit Wake Up From a Nap at the event store. It’s worth mentioning that after clearing a stage in the Post, the cleaning Squad can choose whether or not to the garrison. Other Post and Final Proving Ground phases are inaccessible to garrisoned Operators.

To raise the stage difficulty, an extra Special OpFor Unit will join the Final Proving Ground for every garrisoned Post stage. More prizes may be obtained by defeating these Special OpFor Units. Players must carefully choose the Operators who will participate in the battle and determine the best solution for each level.

Enjoy the brand new 6-Star Guard Operator

Pallas, a 6-Star Guard, and the Minoan priestess, will be accessible during the Arknights Interlocking Competition event. She has an excellent damage-dealing ability in addition to aiding other teammates.

Pallas’ initial talent increases the damage of her next strike and allows her to attack twice in a row. She will have a chance to stun the victim when her second skill is triggered. When her HP reaches a specific percentage, she can use her first skill to grant all Minoan Operators an ATK boost. When she hits an opponent with the second skill, she can restore the HP of herself and the Operator in the tile ahead of her. It’s a wonderful idea to put her in front of other Operators.

New Arrivals at Store

In addition, the Arknights Interlocking Competition event store will have three new costumes for Beeswax, Tsukinogi, and Perfumer, including Weißer Sand for Beeswax, Londinium Style Miko for Tsukinogi, and Leisurely Afternoon for Perfumer.

New Outfits in the event store
New Outfits

Also available are the re-edition costumes Shimmering Dew SD01 for Nearl and Summer Flowers FA008 for Rope. The present furniture set White Wilderness will be replaced by the new furniture set The Photography Hobbyist’s Studio in fortunate drop, however, players may still find White Wilderness in the Store. Check them out in the store during the event as the update comes out in Arknights

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