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Arknights: Yostar Games introduces the Preluding Lights event with four new Operators

Four brand new operators to play with

Arknights, the strategic mobile RPG, has released a new Story Collection called “Preluding Lights”. The brand-new event, which begins on December 9 and ends on December 19, tells stories from various parts of Terra and allows players to understand more about the intertwined links that exist between them. New rewards, a new themed furniture set, four new Operators, and unique I.T crossover clothes are also included in the update.

Enjoy new stories and characters

“Preluding Lights” has six stories that reveal the mysteries that have remained unsolved in prior events while also setting the stage for future updates. Players will travel through Ursus, Sargon, Iberia, and Karlan Trade CO., LTD, learning more about the history of these areas. Carnelian and Bena, two new characters, will appear in the stories, allowing players to learn more about their distinct personalities.

Arknights Preluding Lights
Arknights Preluding Lights new operator

Players can earn Clearance Permits by clearing all stages except Annihilation and Extreme Mode during the limited-time event “Preluding Lights” to collect prizes such as Bena, Bena’s token, furniture piece: Antique Display Cabinet, LMD, Battle Record, Elite materials, and more. Players can also trade for Information Fragments, which they can use to access stories from this and prior story collections.

Arknights Preluding Lights introduces four new Operators

In addition to the different rewards available to players, the game will welcome four new Operators.

  • Beeswax’s sister, Carnelian, is a 6-star Caster who hails from Sargon. Carnelian’s abilities allow her to regain HP and double the effect when charged. Carnelian’s Attack Range will rise as her skill is activated, and her Attack will be strengthened. When Carnelian is charged, it deals more damage to the same target.
  • Kirara, a 5-star Specialist, has a skill that constantly recovers her HP, and the effect is amplified if no other allied units are around. Kirara’s first skill improves the effect of her talent and deals Arts damage to all foes within her Attack Range, whereas her second skill increases the effect of her talent and deals Arts damage to all enemies within her Attack Range.
  • The bonus operator, Bena, is the other 5-star Specialist who can be gained for free. Bena has a special ability that allows her to leave a Substitute after defeating it and return to the original after a short time. Her talent allows the Substitute to deal Arts damage while also reducing the damage suffered.
  • Indigo, a 4-star Caster, can save her attacks and fire them all at once if she couldn’t identify a victim. Indigo’s assault has the ability to tie a target thanks to her talent. When her initial skill is used, Indigo’s Strike Range is substantially reduced and her Attack Interval is greatly reduced, with some of the damage dealt by each attack being lost.

Arknights store to get new arrivals

The event will also have a crossover with I.T., giving operators access to the most fashionable clothing in the game. For the time being, “Cómodo” for Thorns, “Liberté/Échec” for Surtr, and “Ursus IO79” for Zima will be accessible at the store. “Lena’s Rest,” a recently introduced furniture set, will also be available for purchase. Make sure to have a look!

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