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Arknights Thank-You Celebration update 2023 brings the IL Siracusano event with 6 new operators

Journey into the heart of danger and intrigue!

The Thank-you Celebration 2023 update in the strategic mobile RPG Arknights commences with the introduction of a fresh side story titled IL Siracusano. An exciting expedition awaits players as Texas makes her return to Siracusa, a nation governed by various criminal organizations. This captivating update unveils the concealed histories of Texas and Lappland, along with the ongoing conflicts among the gangs in Siracusa. Additionally, gamers can anticipate the arrival of six new operators, remarkable outfit options, and exquisite furniture sets.

Arknights Thank-You Celebration 2023: IL Siracusano event

The event, which takes place from May 23, 2023, 10:00, until June 20, 2023, 03:59 (UTC-7), offers various perks to players who participate. Those who log in during the event can avail themselves of a 10-roll Headhunting Permit and Daily Free Rolls. Additionally, players have the opportunity to acquire Orundum by signing contracts every day throughout the event.

As a special bonus, players can obtain the 6-star Tactician, Vigil, as an operator during this event. By clearing event stages and completing event missions, players can earn Vigil’s Token, Siracusan Court of Justice Furniture (Pieces), Headhunting Permits, Module Materials, LMD, Battle Records, and other items from the event store. Throughout the event, players who log in for 10 days will receive generous rewards, including an exclusive outfit called Distant Home’s Guide for Quercus, as well as Orundum, Elite Materials, and more.

Arknights Thank-You Celebration 2023: New Operators

With this update, 6 new operators are added. Qanipalaat and Quartz will be added to the Purchase Certificates Store from May 23, 2023, 10:00 (UTC-7).

6-star Operator: Texas the Omertosa

Texas the Omertosa is an Executor Specialist and the alternate form of Texas. With her third skill, after deployment, she immediately deals Arts damage twice to all surrounding enemies and Stuns them for a few seconds, then releases a Sword Rain within range every second that deals Arts damage and Stuns for a few seconds.

Arknights 6-star Operator Texas the Omertosa
Image via Yostar Games

6-star Operator: Penance

As a juggernaut, Penance cannot be healed by her allies. With her talents, she can gain a Barrier when defeating an enemy. Each time Penance is attacked while under the effect of her own Barrier, she can deal Arts damage to the attackers.

6-star Operator: Vigil

Vigil, the Tactician, excels in mid-range combat. He can summon a Wolfpack consisting of two “Wolf Shadows” at the Tactical Point to assist in combat. The number of “Wolf Shadows” increases over time up to a certain limit.

5-star Operator: Lunacub

Lunacub is a Deadeye from the Sniper branch. She prioritizes attacking the enemy with the lowest Defense within range first. When using her second skill, she gains increased Attack Speed and Camouflage for a few seconds. Defeating an enemy during this skill’s duration grants Camouflage an extra few seconds.

5-star Operator: Qanipalaat

As a Core Caster, his attack inflicts “Arts Fragility” on all Aerial units within range. When he activates the first skill, he prioritizes attacking Aerial enemies and his Attack Speed increases.

4-star Operator: Quartz

Her second skill can increase the damage she’s taken and also her Attack Speed. Each attack of hers deals Physical damage and has a chance to Stun the target for a few seconds.

Arknights introduces exciting items to the store in this update

The event unveils a collection of fresh attire called Epoque for passengers, Rosmontis, Nearl the Radiant Knight, Honeyberry, and Sora. Additionally, there is a new selection of furniture available for purchase known as Siracusan Retro. Furthermore, during the event, the Outfit Store will reintroduce the Epoque outfits for Pallas, Rosa, Andreana, Texas Doberman, and 52 other outfits for interested buyers.

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