Armor Attack is a tactical vehicle-based shooter set to launch on Mobile and PC in 2024

Mecha experience awaits!

A new entry to the tactical vehicle-based shooter genre is coming, with Armor Attack announced to launch for Android, iOS, and PC, this year with Consoles release in sight for the future. This will be the debut game for the developers KEK Entertainment.

Armor Attack aims to offer an ultimate mecha shooter experience

Armor Attack takes you into a world where the battlefield is not just about the machines but the mastery of their unique capabilities. In this game, you have the power to choose and customize your vehicle, each possessing a distinct expertise crucial for success in the heat of battle. From what we have seen from the visuals in the trailer, the sci-fi elements are pretty strong in this one and the graphics are one to watch out for.

Armor Attack gameplay
Image via KEK Entertainment

Every vehicle offers a fresh and distinctive playstyle, from a reaction engine to a massive energy shield for team protection. You can customize your battle machines to suit specific combat objectives by strategically combining unit abilities, upgrades, weapons, and talent systems. Craft tactically diverse drop teams that can adapt to any situation on the battlefield.

We will also be getting a taste of a dynamic environment on each map, where game-changing mechanics could alter the course of the battle. From dynamic map layouts to strategically important vantage points and even colossal AI-controlled bosses, every element has the potential to turn the tides of war. We will also be getting a crossplay feature, so playing across multiple platforms will be true.

So, with all this being said, when is the release? Well, all we know is that we will be getting Armor Attack in 2024, but specifics about the launch date haven’t been told. Keep an eye on the official website for more updates.

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