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ASTRA: Knights of Veda trailer reveals new gameplay and characters

A deeper look at the gameplay and interesting characters with unique skill sets

After a successful gamescom, publisher HYBE IM and developer FLINT revealed further information about their visually captivating and narrative-driven 2D RPG, ASTRA: Knights of Veda in a brand new trailer. This modern reimagining of medieval painting’s distinct art style and the nostalgic charm of classic beat-em-up games, coupled with top-tier gameplay elements and mechanics, promises to position ASTRA: Knights of Veda as the epitome of 2D action RPGs. Gamers can anticipate its launch on PC (via Steam or the official game website) and Android/iOS devices in late 2023.

Take a look at key gameplay elements and several unique characters in the ASTRA: Knights of Veda trailer

In ASTRA: Knights of Veda, every character is meticulously crafted with an assigned role and elemental affiliation. The game classifies characters into roles, including Main DPS, Tank, Healer, or Support. Regarding their elemental characteristics, they are associated with attributes such as Blood, Poison, Darkness, Light, Earth, Water, Fire, or Electric. The video demonstrates a diverse ensemble of characters, each possessing distinct skill sets tailored to cater to a variety of player preferences.

ASTRA Knights of Veda gameplay
Image via HYBE IM
  • White Molar Sansar: Sansar, the lone survivor of Vulcan searching for the truth, is a Light-element support character armed with a two-handed claymore. She can imbue the sun’s energy into the claymore to enhance her attacks.
  • Rock Knight Orlik: Orlik, a loyal knight and a friend to Marthel, is an Earth-element tank wielding a blunt, two-handed hammer. He can swing his weapon around to knock away nearby enemies with ease.
  • Black Prince Edward: Edward, the prodigious son of the Mad King and a beacon of hope for humanity, is a Fire-element DPS character. His two-handed sword slashes engulfs enemies in flames and turns them into ashes.
  • Thunderblade Marthel: Marthel, a member of the Golden Knights, is an Electric-element support, adept with a one-handed sword and shield. His lightning-infused strikes can dispatch enemies in an instant.

The high-quality details in the weapons and skills provide players with a visual and tactile treat, immersing them in the heat of the action. ASTRA: Knights of Veda offers an intricate yet engaging combat system, challenging players to strategize around each character’s elemental strengths and roles to optimize team performance.

Gamescom 2023 Witnessed a Phenomenal Response to ASTRA: Knights of Veda

ASTRA Knights of Veda gamescom booth
Image via HYBE IM

Gamescom 2023 marked ASTRA: Knights of Veda’s initial significant debut to a worldwide audience, and it garnered a highly favorable reception at the event. Their exceptional standalone booth managed to draw in more than 2,000 attendees, all of whom explored the game’s demo. Among these individuals were many who expressed their excitement for the game, with a particular emphasis on their admiration for the stunning cutscenes and artwork following their gameplay experience.

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