Auto Chess MOBA: Dragon Nest announced new MOBA game based on Auto Chess universe

The Auto Chess universe is expanding!

Auto Chess took the gaming industry by storm in 2020 with its innovative playstyle and all-new genre of gaming. This game is based on the classic MOBA game DOTA 2 and it has a solid fan base. Furthermore, Dragon Nest plans on expanding its reach in the gaming industry in 2021. Following their roots in DOTA 2, Dragon Nest announced that they would be developing an Auto Chess MOBA game based on the Auto Chess universe.

What’s in store for players from Drago Nest for this upcoming MOBA?

The upcoming Auto Chess MOBA will not be like the other MOBAs. There, players would need to grind gold or whatever currency is required to purchase heroes and expand their champion pool. But the announced game will release all heroes for free and allow them better flexibility in their champion selection. This is much more new-player friendly when compared to traditional MOBAs. 

Auto Chess MOBA announced

In order to have a fair game, players won’t need to pay for in-game runes. However, this isn’t too out of the ordinary for MOBAs. The game will also be featuring a day and night mode that will most likely affect the appearance of the in-game battlefield. This is a really interesting touch that has rarely been ever seen in MOBAs before.

Final Thoughts

The development of this new game could be to match the recent mobile MOBA hit that is – Wild Rift. Speculations are there that DOTA 2 plans on competing against League of Legends on the mobile platform as well. However, unlike the PC MOBA scene, the mobile MOBA scene is relatively saturated with classics such as Arena of Valor and Mobile Legends to the recent hits such as Wild Rift. And surely, the Auto Chess MOBA will face many competitors and will need to find its way to surpass others.

With another addition to the MOBA genre, DOTA 2 and Auto Chess fans can keep an eye out for this up and coming MOBA game. This is because it will contain their favorite champions and their abilities expressed and interpreted into a new game mode.

So, what are your thoughts on Auto Chess MOBA announced? Let us know in the comment section below!

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