Auto Defense: A new strategy game from Gameloft is now globally available

Defenders! Protect your castle from enemy invasion!

Auto Defense, a real castle battle strategy game by Gameloft, is globally available now. The game is available to download and play in Google Play Store. A month ago, Gameloft had released the game worldwide on iOS devices. Before the global release, the game was available in an ‘early access’ version for Android.

Gameloft’s new strategy game

Auto Defense is a real-time strategy-based castle battle game where players create synergies to protect their castle from enemy attacks. The game has a turret-merging feature to protect castles from the threat of blobby aliens. Turrets offer different special abilities which players can utilize in the battles. The powers of turrets include freeze, electricity, blast, AOE explosives, speed-focused miniguns, lightning, and many more.

Auto Defense Gameloft available
Auto Defense: Gameplay

The defense systems of towers work automatically against any invaders while taking an enemy attack. Players can merge their turrets in mid-battle to create new powers and unleash invincible abilities. Gameloft leaves limitless options to their players to create any combination of carnage they can imagine. The roguelike aspect of the game allows its players to upgrade their turrets even if they lose some waves.

The game features a customizable arsenal for the battle. Players can collect powerful Turret cards, gear, and gems as rewards by completing missions. Some worlds include tundra, sand-swept deserts, and even lands beyond the stars that players can unlock to accept more challenges. They have to adapt different strategies according to the locations their battle takes place in.

Auto Defense will have regular updates and bug fixes

Auto Defense takes a sometimes simple game genre – Tower Defense – and adds a unique rogue-like twist to it while bringing all sorts of nuanced elemental and special ability skills that ratchet up the complexity. We’ve been having a lot of fun playing Auto Defense internally, and we look forward to seeing what the public thinks, too

Thomas Aurick, Gameloft’s VP of Creation

As Gameloft has claimed, Auto Defense will get regular updates and bug fixing. The updates will include new levels, maps, and events to earn exclusive rewards. So, without much thinking, you can just jump into the castle battle that is developed by the giant creator and publisher, Gameloft. You can download the game on Android by clicking here and on iOS from clicking here.

What are your thoughts on the new strategy game by Gameloft, Auto Defense now globally available? Let us know in the comments below.

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