Azur Lane Confluence Nothingness event brings five new shipgirls, outfits, and more

The event comes packed with amazing rewards!

Azur Lane, a naval shoot-em-up mobile game, has introduced the “Confluence Nothingness” event that is available from May 25 to June 14 (UTC-7). It is jam-packed with information that will keep commanders interested for a while.

There are 5 new Iron Blood shipgirls available, one of which is an Ultra Rare Battleship, along with 11 new skins and a ton of other rewards. In this unknown summer adventure, play with shipgirls!

Azur Lane introduces five new Iron Blood shipgirls

A distress call from the Floating Fortress signals the start of the narrative. The Iron Blood Reinforcement Fleet is assembling to save the field in response and is being commanded by flagship Bismarck. Commanders must sortie to the event stage, much like at regular events, to earn PT. Commanders who complete these new objectives will receive the Super Rare Submarine and U-556 META, two new shipgirls, and the Elite Light Aircraft Carrier, Jade.

Enjoy the Confluence Nothingness event and earn amazing rewards in Azur Lane

All eyes are still on Bismarck Zwei, the Ultra Rare Battleship, which can support itself with a unique bombardment that can alternate between two modes. She shares a rate-up in this exclusive construction with the two other Super Rare ships, Otto von Alvensleben and Regensburg. Do not let this opportunity to expand the fleet pass you by.

Azur Lane Confluence Nothingness event
Image via Yostar Games

Eleven shipgirls are displaying their brand-new swimwear. To cap it off, the well-known New Jersey, Taiho, Anchorage, and the new shipgirl Regensburg can have their brand-new L2D looks. There are two Dynamic skins for Bismarck Zwei and Royal Fortune. While a player is shopping, new furnishings, and Gear Skins also arrive at the store.

That’s not all. There are several other updates that players can look forward to in this latest update. Head over to the game now.

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