Azur Lane launches Fight On, Royal Maids Part 3 event featuring Royal Fortune, the Super Rare Pirate ship

A new Joint Operation event arrives in Azur Lane!

“Fight On, Royal Maids (Part 3)” is the new Joint Operation event being launched by the naval shoot ’em up mobile game Azur Lane. Royal Navy maids conduct a third military test to evaluate new aircraft carriers in this brand-new activity. Royal Fortune, a brand-new Super Rare Pirate ship, is available without cost. All Commanders can partake in the exciting Halloween celebrations thanks to the game’s spooky costumes, furniture sets, and other seasonal tricks and treats.

Fight On, Royal Maids! (Part3) event brings a new Pirate Ship and new Faction to Azur Lane

The “Fight On, Royal Maids (Part 3)” event is live from October 27 to November 9 in Azur Lane. Commanders can obtain a variety of personal rewards by taking part in world BOSS battles. And also earn Contribution Points, including the Gear Blueprints “Sea Fury T0 Design,” Elite Gear “Albion’s Exercise Report,” and full server rewards like Super Rare Gear “J-class Crown.”

The Super Rare Sailing Frigate “Royal Fortune” can be obtained for free by Commanders. While they wait by completing the “Halloween Hijinks” mini-event missions each day.

Azur Lane Fight On Royal Maids Part 3 event
Image via Yostar

A new shipgirl named Royal Fortune has been added to the game along with the addition of the new faction “Tempesta” and the ship type “Sailing Frigate”. Ships from Tempesta perform differently from other ships as they are from unexplored sea regions.

Submarine fleets can include sailing frigates. Sailing frigates will immediately resurface to engage in combat after entering the battle underwater. This is much like submarines and will leave the conflict temporarily if certain requirements are met. All Commanders now have access to a completely original gaming experience thanks to these updates. Remain tuned!

Azur Lane adds four new super rare characters including one new Elite character

The game is getting four new Super Rare characters and one new Elite character. Players can acquire Albion, Janus, and Manchester through the event construction pool with a rate up. And they can obtain Royal Fortune for free from the mini-event “Halloween Hijinks.”

Azur Lane Fight On Royal Maids Part 3 event
Image via Yostar
  • Royal Fortune (Super Rare Sailing Frigate): When Royal Fortune joins the fight, she can use a special attack that periodically slows down foes.
  • Albion (Super Rare Light Aircraft Carrier): A portion of the excess HP that a ship in Vanguard recovers above the maximum that Albion turns into a barrier, which can prevent damage.
  • Janus (Super Rare Destroyer): Janus sets up a barrier around the Royal Navy Destroyers if there are three or more Royal Navy ships in the fleet.
  • Manchester (Elite Light Cruiser): Manchester has a chance to damage herself and launch an additional volley of main gun rounds when she fires her torpedoes.

The new Halloween-themed skins are live featuring various shipgirls in Azur Lane

For Janus, Silvermoon Faerie Princess for Albion, Midnight Devil in White for Manchester, Piratey Transformation! for Oklahoma, and Treats from the Deep for Royal Fortune, this update will introduce five new Halloween-themed skins. Commanders who sign into Azur Lane during the event period will receive 2 vouchers for rental clothing.

Azur Lane Fight On Royal Maids Part 3 event
Image via Yostar

Each voucher is redeemable for one of the new Janus, Albion, or Royal Fortune skins. In addition, the Shop now offers a New Halloween Gear Skin Box and two previously released Halloween Furniture Sets. Create a haunted dorm by dressing shipgirls in new, exciting, and spooky attire. Enjoy this Halloween season together!

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