Azur Lane Mirror Involution event rerun brings back fan-favorite shipgirl New Jersey with rewards

Many other goodies have made their way back to the store!

The naval shoot-em-up mobile game Azur Lane, which held an event called Mirror Involution in 2021, is making a comeback for a limited time period from June 21, 2023, to June 28, 2023 (UTC-7). The Rerun Event reintroduces 6 well-liked shipgirls, including the highly popular Ultra Rare shipgirl New Jersey, along with several event rewards. Furthermore, players can also find a collection of 11 bunny suit-themed skins, the furniture set Bunny Girl Bar, and various other desirable items back in the store.

Unlock rewards and obtain rare shipgirls in the Azur Lane Mirror Involution event rerun

In a manner reminiscent of its initial version, the story commences with New Jersey receiving a distress signal from the AF base, having entrusted the task to the Commander. Subsequently, an operation led by New Jersey is initiated to locate the Commander, who lost contact while en route to provide assistance.

Apart from the narrative, there is an ongoing time-limited event that will persist until June 28, 2023. Commanders have the opportunity to accumulate PT (points) by successfully completing event stages, which enables them to unlock milestone rewards and exchange them for various items in the event shop, including the highly sought-after shipgirl Ticonderoga, which possesses a rare classification.

Additionally, by reaching milestones, commanders can earn rewards such as the Elite shipgirl Morrison. Moreover, the Shipbuilding Support Plan grants commanders Build Tickets and PT by simply logging into the game between now and June 28. Lastly, from June 21 to July 21, a special sign-up celebration event grants commanders additional Gems without charge.

Obtain New Jersey and other shipgirls during the event

New Jersey has become extremely popular among commanders since her initial release due to her exceptional main gun efficiency and reduced spread, which gives her the potential for high shelling damage. Additionally, she is highly regarded for her attractive character design.

In this rerun event, commanders have the chance to acquire her with an increased probability in the Limited Construction Pool, along with three other shipgirls: Archerfish, San Francisco (both classified as Super Rare), and Boise (classified as Elite).

Azur Lane limited construction
Image via Yostar Games

It should be noted that Ticonderoga, a Super Rare ship, can be obtained not only through PT exchange but also through Limited Construction without an increased probability. On the other hand, Morrison can be obtained as a milestone reward, meaning commanders can acquire these two shipgirls free of charge.

Azur Lane Mirror Involution event rerun brings exciting items to the shop

A collection of 11 skins with a bunny suit theme awaits commanders to acquire them during the event. Among these skins, there are two L2D skins available: Sheepish Sapphire! for Boise and Charming Rabbit for Allen M. Sumner.

Azur Lane Bunny girl Bar
Image via Yostar Games

Additionally, commanders have the chance to purchase the furniture set called Bunny Girl Bar and the Gear Skin Box named Manjuuland. This event offers an excellent opportunity for commanders who previously missed out on these event-exclusive skins and items to acquire them now.

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