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Badlanders Season 5: Survivors at Dawn arrives with exciting new features, events and rewards

Desert, Bullets and Treasures, the ultimate loot and shoot experience!

NetEase Games‘ next-gen survival looter shooter Badlanders has begun its S5: Survivors at Dawn. The new season introduces the infamous Devil’s Eyes, as well as an improved gameplay experience that provides fellow Badlanders with even more challenges and opportunities.

A sandstorm is brewing on the horizon, against the backdrop of desolate desert, shimmering blue ores, and rumbling machines, ready to sweep the Desert of Remains with various new gameplays.

Explore massive content with more challenges and opportunities in the latest season of Badlanders

Players can mine blue ores with Pickaxes and bring them to the Processor or the off-field Workshop to refine them into various qualities of “Devil’s Eyes.” Players must keep in mind that the Processors’ rumbling noise will reveal their location, effectively making them a target. The refining process will take some time if players choose to evacuate with the ores and process them in the Workshop. Play it safe or risk it all!

Badlanders S5 Survivors at Dawn
Image via NetEase

Devil’s Eyes are used to recast gears and attachments, allowing them to gain better attributes and increase in value. It also improves melee weapons, acts as a ticket to enter special game modes, and players can redeem them for rare supplies i.e., Red Beach Camouflage Boxes. Needless to say, the Devil’s Eyes will take over Red Beach soon, so prepare to fight for them.

Throughout the desert, the sound of melody, the occasional pressure cooker explosion, and the opening sound of the Field Hospital Electric Doors can be heard. Find the Easter Eggs and you’ll receive a surprise reward!

Agent Call mode returns in Badlanders S5: Survivors at Dawn with an upgrade

Many people, including former agents, are drawn to the valuable Devil’s Eyes. Season 5 sees the return of the classic Agent Call mode, complete with an upgrade!

Agent Call Mode S5
Image via NetEase

Players can enter the game mode by redeeming Clone Keys with the Devil’s Eye (flawless) or Cashpoints. Agent Call increases the likelihood of obtaining rare resources, and players must defeat others to loot their Clones Key. To evacuate, players must submit a Clone Key. Extra Clone Keys will be converted into Devil’s Eye (flawless) for redeeming rare supplies.

Equip a variety of new weapons and attachments for an advantage in a combat scenario

Season 5 also introduces a slew of new weapons, attachments, and attributes! The UMP9 is a versatile SMG that players can equip with a variety of attachments, giving players an advantage in any combat scenario.

S5 New weapons
Image via NetEase

Furthermore, the new Side Scopes, Holo Foil, and Cheek Pad offer new tactical options for sharpshooters. To get the best of both worlds, players could use the Side Scope to switch between long-range and 1x scopes. Meanwhile, Holo Foil, Cheek Pad, and other new features will improve players’ stability and hit rate. Players must make sure to stop by the Gun Bench and personalize them.

Melee Weapon System
Image via NetEase

Above all, Badlanders value weapon diversity and development. That being said, the much-anticipated “Melee Weapon System” has arrived! The “Pickaxe,” a new melee weapon, is a primary mining tool that can be obtained by completing missions or upgrading. Badlanders can also use Devil’s Eyes to improve the efficiency and damage of their Batons and Pickaxes, allowing you to become more lethal in combat and more efficient in mining.

Badlanders S5: Survivers at Dawn brings exciting new events with exclusive rewards

Badlanders S5 Survivors at Dawn
Image via NetEase

In addition to gameplay updates, the game provides seasonal rewards such as suits (Survivors at Dawn, Cross the Haze, Apocalypse), camouflages (Industrial Leap, Dark Iron Era, All the Way West), and amazing emotes and exclusive avatars. Making the leaderboard this season will also give players a chance to win Black Cards and Orange Cards.

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