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Badlanders Season 6: Era of Embers brings new features, content, and rewards

New Treasures increase the Thrill level!

Badlanders, the next-generation survival looter shooter from NetEase Games has begun its S6: Era of Embers. Gamers have embraced the game’s ground-breaking mechanism that lets them keep the loot they find ever since it was released. By introducing fresh treasures and features for yet another reviving seasonal experience, Season 6 will double down on the fun. A player’s path to fame and money is now even more perilous and difficult.

Explore amazing content with more treasures and thrills in the latest season of Badlanders

Collectibles are a brand-new treasure class introduced in Badlanders S6: Era of Embers. By moving through the narrative, accomplishing tasks, ascension through the Season Leaderboard, and other activities, Agents can gather Collectibles and Blueprints. Players are welcome to showcase these Collectibles in their base and benefit from attribute boosts to offer themselves a competitive advantage in battle.

Heirlooms, which stand for the game’s highest accolade, also make their appearance in the new season. The rarest goods in Badlanders are heirlooms, and each one has its unique serial number. Each Heirloom Avatar and Firearm Camouflage is unique as well. Wearing a special heirloom or showing it off on the Wall of Honor are the two things that will make players stand out the most.

Badlanders S6 Era of Embers
Image via NetEase

In addition to enhancing their style and giving them something to talk about, Heirlooms Collectibles also give players an advantage on the battlefield. A player’s choice is whether to authenticate and display their heirlooms in the heirloom gallery or to sell them at the auction house. They serve as both cherished assets and wise investments.

In Season 6, players can claim Red Beach Camouflage Boxes to be eligible to win one of the following heirlooms: Avatar “Strife Portrait”, Camouflage “Ivory Amaranth”, and Collectibles “Skyfire,” “Ace Summit Gold Cup,” “Ace Summit Silver Cup,” and “Ace Summit Bronze Cup.”

Badlanders S6: Era of Embers introduces Base System, a new Faction System, and more

The Base System, which gives each player their housing, is introduced in Season 6. Players can use an enormous assortment of furniture and accents to furnish their base in any way they choose. They can then stop by their friends’ bases for a tour and some downtime in between bouts. Additionally, each base has a Wall of Honor where players can display their Collectibles and claim the attribute benefits they confer.

The new Faction System that is being introduced in Season 6 is also boosting the stakes. Players can join a Faction and finish their Missions to obtain exclusive benefits for that Faction, such as Avatars, Outfits, and more.

Season 6 will reveal Red Beach’s untold truths. With its new Story System, this season will take you on a quest to uncover Red Beach’s obscure past. Unlock “Mechanical Goggles,” “AR-AKM Camouflage [Spring Dawn],” and many other supplies by gathering Clues. This season 6 is jam-packed with fresh content. Additionally, a new MP7, events, and outfits are also available exclusively during this season.

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