Baseball Puzzle Champions is Miniclip’s new title that blends sports with match 3 puzzle

A blend of Match 3 puzzle and sports!

Baseball Puzzle Champions is a brand new game by Miniclip which gives the players a totally unique mobile sports experience. It is a baseball-themed match-3 puzzle RPG where the players can play the role of a manager and get to see their players and team in action and winning each tour. Baseball Puzzle Champions is currently available as a beta on Google Play’ early access in select regions

The game features baseball but with unique match-3 elements

The game has easy-to-play gameplay and lets the players choose their strategic batting style, and match gems to power their swing and hit the ball out of the park. The players will have to learn how to create the best gem matches to win games and master their puzzle board to achieve victory in each baseball match.

Players will also get to pick their favorite players and build their team of champions. They will also have to plan their team’s formation and batting order to get the best result and score as they will be the manager of the team. In Baseball Puzzle Champions players will have to use special skills to power up their puzzle board and boost their stats to swing it for a home run.

Baseball Puzzle champions gameplay
Image via Miniclip

Players will get to enjoy immersive gameplay with a broadcast sports show-like appeal along with realistic 3D sports simulation, rich graphics and fluid animations. The game also has highly responsive player actions which are associated with every move the player makes on the puzzle board.

Choose your batting style, match the gems and cruise away to victory

The game also offers a lot of great and unique features to the players. Some of these are the all-new baseball mechanics with which the players can control their batters and pitchers through the puzzle board. Players can also create power-ups and blast through the puzzle board to dominate their opponents.

Baseball Puzzle Champions also lets the users fire up player skills when they need an edge in the toughest confrontations. Throughout the game, players will get to progress through the tours, acquire new players, form their team of champions, and win the game.

As of now the beta version of the game is available only in selected regions on the Google Play Store but will soon come live globally and for iOS users too. Players can download the online version of the game from here.

Are you excited about the release of the Baseball Puzzle Champions beta version for early access on Android? Let us know in the comments below!

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