Battlefield Mobile will be going into closed beta later this month

EA confirms an upcoming CBT in their Q3 Earnings Call

Battlefield Mobile is now gearing up for a new closed beta testing phase set to open later this month. During the Q&A session of their Q3 earnings call, Andrew Wilson, CEO at Electronic Arts, confirmed that the game will be going into Closed Beta Testing later this month. He also said that there’s some tuning and testing they have to do for the game in order to figure out what’s working best. 

The game has had an Alpha test previously in certain regions but the game was in an unfinished stage and looked rather disappointing. This proved to be a letdown to players who expected a good AAA experience from EA.

How to participate in Battlefield Mobile closed beta

Considering that was just an alpha build, there might be changes to make the game look and play out better, especially since there’s been quite a gap between the alpha test and this upcoming CBT. Since this is a closed beta though, unlike the alpha the game might not be open to the public, and only to people who sign up will get access to the game (the specifics haven’t been announced yet but should be coming soon). 

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Visuals from the upcoming game

Since the game is set for release this year, this closed beta test should tell a lot about how the finished game will look and perform. Aside from Battlefield Mobile, a soft launch for Apex Legends was also announced and EA acknowledged how mobile is contributing to the studio’s earnings.

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