Before Your Eyes: The BAFTA award-winning title is now available on mobile via Netflix Games

Control the game with your eyes!

The BAFTA-winning game Before Your Eyes is now available on mobile through an exclusive agreement with Netflix Games and is part of a Netflix subscription, according to GoodbyeWorld Games and publisher Skybound Games. Before Your Eyes will be discounted by 50% on Steam for the following ten days as a launch celebration.

Enjoy the blink interaction mechanic and a fully voice-acted story

Before Your Eyes is a wonderful fit for mobile gaming thanks to its unique blink interaction method, gorgeous setting, and completely voice-acted plot. You can now carry this intensely emotional and relevant adventure with you wherever you go.

Before Your Eyes
Image via GoodbyeWorld Games

The game has received positive reviews from numerous audiences and has received more than 15 award nominations and wins to date. Thanks to Netflix, it will now reach even more people.

We designed Before Your Eyes as a game that could be played and enjoyed by truly anyone and anywhere, not just experienced gamers, so for us, there is truly no better home for it than Netflix and on mobile,” said Graham Parkes, the games lead writer and creative director. “We use our phone cameras every day to share meaningful daily experiences, so it feels like a natural fit to now use this technology to explore the life of the player’s character and drive their narrative journey”. 

Experience all the amazing events through your character’s eyes

Players in Before Your Eyes are charged with identifying souls that have led amazing lives and bringing them to the afterlife while traveling with The Ferryman. Players must think back on the life of the character, the significant decisions they made, and the situations that shaped who they were as they sailed toward their ultimate destination.

The player controls everything by looking through their eyes. Each player’s blinks and looks will direct the storyline in Before Your Eyes using the phone’s camera. Players can examine every memory and influence crucial decisions throughout the tale by literally experiencing the game’s events through the character’s eyes.

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