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PUBG Mobile won the Best Competitive Game for Google Play Users’ Choice Award

Mobile gaming has taken the whole gaming industry to the next level. Thus, every game developers are now trying to build mobile games and capture the huge market that this industry has to offer. There are many different mobile games and different genres that they offer. Recently, the best competitive game for google play users choice has been announced for 2019. And that is none but PUBG Mobile!

What is there in PUBG Mobile?

PUBG mobile is a fast-paced action shooter which offers two different modes viz. Battle Royale and Team Deathmatches. The player base of PUBG Mobile has been growing ever since the launch of the Beta version of the game. PUBG Mobile has been successful to grab the attention of all the major esports host and many competitions have been hosted all over the world. You can read our full coverage of PUBG Mobile here.

Recently, yet again for the 2nd time, PUBG Mobile has been selected as the best competitive game by Google Play users. PUBG Mobile has been developed by Tencent Games and is available to play on various mobile platforms including iOS and Google play store.

About Google Play Users Choice Awards

Google Play is the big google umbrella that covers android app store including games, music, books, etc. The Google Play Users’ Choice Awards are given on the number of votes that a particular app or game receives. Every year during December first week, Google Play opens the voting system for the users on various categories. And based on that the selected games or apps receive Google Play Users’ Choice Award.

Since its almost the end of 2019, Google play had to announce the best game at the google play market this year. For the 2nd time, PUBG Mobile has been selected as the Best competitive game for the google play choice awards. You can also find the tweet for the same by the official PUBG mobile Twitter handle here,

PUBG Mobile Twitter

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Bonus News

In addition to the best competitive game for the Google Play Users choice awards, PUBG Mobile has also been selected as one of the Top Games of iOS 2019.

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