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BGMI starts the C3S8 season without any Royale Pass or in-game season rewards

An entire season without the presence of any Royale Pass!

As it was being speculated in the media for a long time, Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is going to skip the C3S8 season and M15 Royale Pass due to unknown reasons. In this article, we are going to discuss the absence of new updates and seasons in Battlegrounds Mobile India. It can happen in the future that BGMI is going to halt the game’s future updates and Royale Pass after its recent ban in India.

Krafton announced the new season has already started without the presence of a Royale Pass

From its inception, Battlegrounds Mobile India, or BGMI was following the updated pattern of the PUBG Mobile global version. Be it a new season or royal pass, BGMI used to bring it after PUBG Mobile. Recently, the Government of India imposed a temporary ban on BGMI, which made the game unavailable on Google Play and App Store.

Due to this reason, updating the game was a very complex procedure. Things were going anyhow. Recently, PUBG Mobile global version got its 2.2 version update and C3S8 M15 Royal Pass. The same thing was supposed to happen in BGMI too.

BGMI no updates notice system text error
Image via Krafton

The scheduled date was 20th September. But when players opened the game on the 20th of September, there was no new season, update, or royal pass. This incident left the players awestruck since this was the first time something like this happened. Although, a problem was noticed at the start of the previous Royal Pass month (M14), where players were unable to buy Royal Pass. Later, a patch update fixed that issue.

What the future holds for BGMI post the current season

When a player opens the game, a pop-up message is showing, which says that the C3C7/C3S7 season text in the cycle section is a typographical error and the actual season name is C3S8. When players are going to the Royal Pass section, a pop-up message says that the RP is locked and will open after 29 days, which is totally unusual and unexpected. By then, the M15 will be ended.

BGMI absence of Royale Pass current season
Image via Krafton

It is being assumed that these incidents e happening as a result of the current ban imposed on the game by The Government. Although there is no official announcement from Krafton, only time can tell what will happen in the future post the current season in BGMI.

What are your thoughts on as BGMI skips the entire Royale Pass in the current C3S8 season? Let us know in the comments below.

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