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Black Desert Mobile announced exciting new updates during its 2023 Heidel Ball community event

Face World Bosses in Upcoming Land of the Morning Light Expansion!

During the 2023 annual Heidel Ball community event, Pearl Abyss, the Korean developer and publisher, unveiled significant upcoming content enhancements for Black Desert Mobile. The presentation disclosed that the mobile version will receive the expansive Land of the Morning Light expansion in September, while the highly anticipated Choryeong Awakened Woosa class is scheduled for release on Tuesday, September 26, 2023. In addition to this, the company introduced Season Characters, a new feature being implemented into the game on the same day, along with various other captivating updates.

Land of the Morning Light expansion will come to Black Desert Mobile

Scheduled for a September 2023 release, the most extensive expansion ever developed for Black Desert Mobile is on the horizon. This highly praised addition unveils an expansive territory influenced by Korea’s final dynastic realm, the Joseon Dynasty, and is appropriately named Land of the Morning Light.

Within this expansion, players can engage in quests reminiscent of storybooks, all drawn from classical Korean myths. The expanse also offers awe-inspiring panoramas for exploration and formidable global adversaries to combat. Notably, both newcomers and returning players are invited to partake in this expansion, with the option to select Land of the Morning Light as their initial adventure destination.

The Awakened Woosa Class was announced at the 2023 Heidel Ball for Black Desert Mobile

On Tuesday, September 26, 2023, the arrival of Choryeong in Black Desert Mobile will transform players into angels of death. Choryeong, the awakened state of Woosa, a formidable wielder of the deadly Do from the Land of the Morning Light, brings a new dimension to the game. This incarnation, Choryeong, engages enemies using a combination of close-quarters and medium-range skills. Additionally, the ability to summon lethal flowers adds a tactical layer, allowing players to obstruct adversaries and release devastating destructive power.

Season Characters are now available in Black Desert Mobile

Season Characters present an avenue of swift advancement for fresh and returning Adventurers. These designated characters experience an accelerated accumulation of contribution points compared to their standard counterparts. Additionally, they gain access to special rewards by undertaking quests in the Season Pass.

By fulfilling all tasks and enhancing the distinct Tuvala Gear components, they can unveil the coveted Chaos Gear and Chaos Accessories. It’s important to note that each Family can only generate a single Season Character until the server maintenance is scheduled for Tuesday, September 19th, 2023.

More quality-of-life updates were announced at the 2023 Heidel Ball

Pearl Abyss also announced the following improvements to Black Desert Mobile coming Tuesday, September 12, 2023:

  • Simplified Quests: Adventurers can earn daily rewards by completing one Black Spirit Quest and Guild Quest per day, compared to the three Black Spirit Quests and three Guild Quests previously required for the same amount of rewards. 
  • Holy Vial Savings: Entering the Hadum and Chaos regions will be easier than ever, as the Holy Vial of Light requirement will be removed for Tier 1 buffs and reduced for Tier 2 and Tier 3 buffs.
  • Better Boss Rush: Boss Rush will be improved by giving alternate characters from a player’s Family the chance to enter these missions a set number of times.
  • Character Copy: Players can now share contribution points gained from gear or level up with an alternate character via the “Character Copy” feature.

Additional details about the upcoming updates in Black Desert Mobile can be found on the official website.

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