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Black Desert Mobile introduces a new Wizard class with new features

Prepare to wield powerful magic!

Korean developer and publisher Pearl Abyss announced a major update for Black Desert Mobile. Players can now wield powerful magic as the new Wizard class, Igneous Ascension.

The Wizard class brings exciting skills to Black Desert Mobile

In Black Desert Mobile, the Wizard class has become available to players, allowing them to adopt the role of a spellcaster who unleashes potent magical assaults using both a Rod and a Knife. The Wizard character barrages foes with lethal elemental forces, showcasing their highest efficiency within expansive combat scenarios. The Wizard class, Igneous Ascension has the following skills:

  • Lightning Storm: The Wizard summons lightning from above, striking down his enemies within a certain range. He can continuously perform attacks using extra mana. 
  • Mana Echo: The Wizard reuses the last skill he cast, enabling him to use the same skill repeatedly. Players can strategize to use this ability to deal with deadly, unrelenting attacks.
  • Teleportation: The Wizard teleports and bypasses enemies in front of him across a certain distance. With enough Mana, he can teleport up to four times when paired with the ‘Mana Echo’ skill.
  • Elemental Flow: The Wizard uses this passive skill to gather more mana. Elemental Flow stacks up to five times and can be combined with ‘Mana Echo’ to boost the reused skill and the Wizard’s defense.

Celebrate the arrival of the new Wizard class with amazing events and rewards

In honor of the introduction of the Wizard class, a variety of activities are prepared for players. Within the framework of the daily mission event, participants have the opportunity to amass Magic Staves, which can later be swapped for precious items like the Chaos Jewel x1/Ah’krad x3 Selection Chest Bundle and a 7-day Combat Plus.

Additionally, players are offered engagement in a login event lasting until Monday, September 4th, 2023. This event enables them to acquire Sun Crystals and Black Pearls, valuable resources aiding them on their adventures in Black Desert Mobile.

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