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Black Desert Mobile introduces a brand new Solaris class with events and rewards

Welcome The Slayer of Holy Flame!

South Korean developer and publisher of Black Desert Mobile, Pearl Abyss, has announced the addition of the brand-new Solaris class to its amazing roster of 22 existing classes. Adventurers may look forward to a slew of festive activities and awards to mark their arrival.

Solaris, also known as “The Slayer of Holy Flame” is a formidable combat class that uses her keen Jordun to corner enemies and dominate the battlefield. She may hit her adversaries with fire-based attacks and skills when she uses her Warden sub-weapon.

Black Desert Mobile Skillset of Solaris

There are a number of skills for Solaris. These are:

  • Ynix’s Flame: A passive skill enables her to burn enemies that get too close to her. It also decreases received damage from other players and increases damage inflicted against monsters.
  • Cleansing Flame: Solaris rotates her body and hurls the Jordun against her enemies.
  • Lava Surge: Solaris makes use of Jordun’s flame to create powerful lava and inflict severe damage to the enemy.
  • Dragon’s Maw: Amplifies the flames contained in Jordun to do severe damage to enemies in front of her.
  • Dragon’s Rage: Strike enemies into the ground with a knockdown effect. This skill can be enhanced to increase its range.
  • Thermal Rush: Solaris will push enemies forward with her Jordun weapon. The opponents will be stunned on the last hit. 
  • Lava Explosion: Solaris summons a lava explosion at her enemies’ location, inflicting heavy damage.
  • Call of Dragain: This skill greatly increases Solaris’ speed with the power of divine flames, allowing her to close in on the enemy and attack them instantly.

These are just a few of her abilities, and adventurers will be intrigued by the numerous combos and strategic possibilities available to them in this new thrilling class.

The game welcomes Solaris with in-game events and rewards

To commemorate Solaris’ arrival, Black Desert Mobile will host a number of in-game events. Adventurers are asked to make fortune cookies out of cookie flours dropped by defeated monsters, during the Making Fortune Cookies event. These fortune cookies may be exchanged for Alyaelli Fragments. It is a rare substance used to make Abyssal Gear, once they have been made.

Solaris’ players can also take part in a special leveling event that rewards them with expensive goodies if they get her to level 70. The following things are among the prizes:

Black Desert Mobile Solaris level up event
Image via Pearl Abyss
  • 1000 Black Pearls
  • Epic Outfit Chest
  • Solaris Skillbook Chest
  • Primal Relic Chest

New Weekly and Daily tasks, such as Boss Rush and Black Spirit Quests, will lavishly reward explorers with Ancient Gold Coins. This may be exchanged for Valks’ Advice, Ancient Chest, and Rush Stamps. For more information on this exciting new class, including a full list of her skills and abilities, players can visit the official website for more details.

Are you excited about the new Black Desert Mobile Solaris class? Let us know in the comments below!

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