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Black Desert Mobile introduces a new Hashashin Awakening class, Zayed with new features

Introducing Zayed, the Sand Serpent that shall devour all!

The well-known Korean MMORPG publisher and developer Pearl Abyss announced today that the new Hashashin Awakening class, “Zayed,” is now available in Black Desert Mobile. Select Macs now allow players to download Black Desert Mobile, including “Zayed,” from the App Store.

After overcoming the challenges and receiving the genuine blessing of Aal, Zayed, Hashashin’s Awakening, arrives in Black Desert Mobile. He purges his enemies with the massive Dual Glaives, wielding them as if they were feathers. He summoned the sand serpent by using the power of the sands, which he then released to send his enemies reeling in its wake.[0]=AZXnZIhecLTFYxHm10UWF4TNjSSuvH8BgJnSyhC5Q7HSTcGVlGwvAxMWlZdbiharWTYpediOS53SGJz4qBGxoJfD7ozQkinYj9iyUCIoWk9GHpgq5nQY81wiFpmIx0etHmHCKIIxmVHXPSU_bEjhHQY8r8kdAk3OMIK-azKbfT2M5I7rKkQ2WzGBLb0Z9KUWkqU&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R

Black Desert Mobile Skillset of Zayed

The sand-wielding combatant Zayed, who employs his enormous Dual Glaives across four different skills, is available for exploration.

  • Purge: With his Dual Glaives, Zayed violently slams the ground, conjuring a ferocious sand serpent to attack his adversaries.
  • Ensnaring Sands: Zayed sends his Dual Glaives down to use his sand serpents to inflict widespread area-of-effect destruction.
  • Condemnation: With his sand serpents, Zayed leaps into the air for a potent ascent and lethal descent. You can quickly burrow into the ground and leap out to ambush enemies by combining this skill with Paradise Surge.
  • Desert’s Shadow: Zayed can use additional skills on top of an initial skill that won’t be canceled thanks to this passive ability.

Players can learn more about Zayed and his desert-powered skill set by visiting the class introduction here or by visiting the official website.

What are your thoughts about the new Hashashin Awakening class, Zayed in Black Desert Mobile? Let us know in the comment section below!

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