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Black Desert Mobile reveals new class, new expansion, and more at the 2023 Calpheon Ball event

Annual Community event unveils exciting new updates!

At the annual 2023 Calpheon Ball event, Pearl Abyss unveiled significant forthcoming enhancements for Black Desert Mobile. These include the introduction of the fresh Scholar class, the expansion sequel titled Land of the Morning Light: Seoul, and various improvements enhancing travel, item management, and overall user experience.

Executive Producer Jaehee Kim of Black Desert enticed Adventurers by unveiling a roadmap and outlining fundamental themes for the game’s direction in 2024. Emphasizing pillars like Character Growth Motivators, Player Goals, and Simplification, Kim highlighted these as pivotal themes crucial to the future evolution of Black Desert. She elaborated that refining current elements will steer the game’s development trajectory for years ahead.

The new class Scholar arrives in Black Desert Mobile

As a respected alchemist and physicist, the Scholar commands gravity and wields twin hammers with devastating prowess. Her quest revolves around seeking a remedy for the rampant plague afflicting the Black Desert continent, endangering not only its inhabitants but also her survival. Her mastery over gravitational forces aids her in self-preservation and unleashing formidable attacks against any adversary impeding her mission.

Diverging from the usual class progression in Black Desert, the Scholar gains access to a supplementary skill set through ascension rather than awakening. This unlocks the ability to wield the Sledgehammer, a two-handed weapon comprising twin hammers. This weapon’s strength lies in the Scholar’s capability to manipulate gravity, enabling her to handle weaponry beyond her standard proficiency and influence the gravitational pull on her foes, tipping every confrontation in her favor.

Beyond her scholarly pursuits and combat skills, the Scholar holds a penchant for fashion. The ‘Magnum Opus,’ an exclusive costume tailored for the Scholar, draws inspiration from the attire worn by Renaissance scholars. Designed to highlight the Scholar’s scholarly and scientific inclinations, the costume’s eye and light symbols symbolize the brilliance attained by a mortal venturing into realms deemed divine.

New expansion Land of the Morning Light: Seoul is coming in 2024 to Black Desert Mobile

In the follow-up to the highly praised Land of the Morning Light released last year, adventurers will have the chance to immerse themselves in the expansive Land of the Morning Light: Seoul expansion in 2024. This next installment will bring forth an intriguing narrative set in medieval Seoul, offering an exploration of renowned real-life locations steeped in Joseon Dynasty cultures like Gyeongbokgung Palace, Hanyang Yukjo Street, and Gyeonghoeru Pavilion.

Similar to the original Land of the Morning Light’s mythic boss encounters, players will encounter eight entirely new bosses inspired by Korean folklore and mythology. Differing from the original Black Shrine content, where a single player faced a solo boss, these new boss battles will enable large guild groups to unite to attack their formidable foes collectively.

Land of the Morning Light: Seoul will also introduce a novel swordsman class specific to this fresh realm. Descendant of Unsa, this warrior will wield both a sword and a “Gombangdae,” a traditional Korean smoking pipe. Players who opt for this class will delve into an action-packed, immersive, and emotionally stirring storyline.

Quality of life improvements were announced for Black Desert Mobile at the 2023 Calpheon Ball event

Responding to extensive player feedback, Pearl Abyss intends to implement a series of adjustments and enhancements throughout 2024, aiming to bring balance and elevate the overall gaming experience for both seasoned veterans and newcomers.

Black Desert Mobile Calpheon Ball
Image via Pearl Abyss

Improvements to the Magnus system will streamline travel, eliminating multiple loading screens and enabling instant teleportation to Black Shrine and Atoraxxion content. Additionally, to facilitate navigation across Black Desert’s vast terrain, the introduction of ping checks in the desert and ocean, alongside a compass and a Dream horse available for all new Adventurers, will enhance efficiency.

A key focus for the development team lies in simplifying players’ inventory management. This involves consolidating or removing various existing tiers and item types, including Black Stones, farming products, seeds, crystals, mount equipment, and Reform Stones, to reduce overall complexity and clutter in players’ inventories.

Black Desert Mobile content updates were also announced at the 2023 Calpheon Ball event

Players ought to prepare for the upcoming winter season, ensuring expedited character progression and ample gameplay guidance. Those completing the season stand to gain the Brilliant Crystal Chest, housing a Dimensional Crystal and Ah’krad Crystal at their maximum potential.

In honor of the 2023 Calpheon Ball festivities, mobile users are entitled to a 200% Hot Time bonus until Tuesday, December 19. Additionally, they can secure six distinct coupons guaranteeing exclusive rewards like Black Pearls, Restoration Scrolls, and various other items.

Mobile gaming enthusiasts will encounter a series of anticipated updates, including the introduction of succession skills, an enhanced Black Spirit Mode offering supplementary rewards, simplified quest content tailored for newcomers, and a revitalized Great Desert.

Pearl Abyss disclosed the specifics for the 2024 Heidel Ball, unveiling that the yearly gathering is scheduled to take place on June 22, 2024, in Beynac-et-Cazenac, a French village mirroring the Heidel region within the game. Further information is anticipated to be unveiled closer to the event date in 2024.

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