Blackout Football Manager is a football management sim announced for Android and iOS

Build a champion team your way!

With Blackout Football Manager, which Blackout Sports announced for a release on Steam and mobile devices, players can experience all the glory and thrill of football on the international stage without ever leaving the comfort of their homes. Create a perfect football team from scratch and manage them to fame and glory with one of the most powerful sports management simulation programs available, created from the ground up by ardent sports enthusiasts.

Experience deep, yet easy-to-learn team and club management in Blackout Football Manager

Blackout Football Manager puts players in charge of running a team, including selecting the best training plans, setting up the ideal club facilities, and managing the team’s money. The board of the club takes care of the menial tasks, such as accounting for funds, so players can just earn and spend money.

Blackout Football Manager
Image via Blackout Sport

A card system in Blackout Football Manager allows players to plan their day and gives them benefits for completing particular tasks. It’s up to players whether they put more emphasis on practicing or planning for a forthcoming game, but every decision has an impact on how well their team plays. Before choosing who to bench and how to best develop your club, give it some careful thought.

Blackout Football Manager mobile
Image via Blackout Sport

Each prospective teammate possesses a special set of mental and physical qualities that distinguish their performance on the field and aid in guiding the match-day preparations. If players need to fill a vacancy, they can head to the in-game market or scout the competition to sign some fresh players with Blackout Football Manager’s streamlined negotiation system. Scout the opposition and develop a strategy that plays to the team’s distinct strengths.

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