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Blue Archive begins pre-registration for its latest story event “Business Trip! Momoyodou”

Pre-register to get rewards!

Pre-registration is currently open through January 31 for the next story event “Business Trip Momoyodou” in niche game Blue Archive developed by Nexon. After the update on January 31, players who pre-register for the event by completing a Beach Shack Employment contract on the Blue Archive website can expect to get a variety of rewards, including 1,200 Pyroxene.

In addition to the 1,200 Pyroxene, players who pre-register may also earn additional goodies, depending on the number of participants. Players can now get 10 Advanced Tech Note Choice Tickets and 10 Advanced Tactical Training BD Choice Tickets with Pyroxene. One of the 500,000 participants may even be chosen to get 10 Free Recruitment Tickets.

Blue Archive reveals upcoming updates along with the pre-registration events for Business Trip Momoyodou story event

After the update on January 31, fans of Blue Archive can play a new event story called “Abydos Resort Restoration Task Force.” While on vacation, the characters in this narrative must put their enjoyment on hold to battle Wakamo and the Helmet Gang in a remote island resort. But there’s more to look forward to, including the debut of “Allied Operation,” a piece of New World Raid content.

The update also brings three brand-new, special students for players to meet:

  • Wakamo (Swimsuit): Despite being expelled from the Hyakkiyako Allied Academy, Wakamo isn’t giving up. Her EX Skill, “Caledon Flower Divination,” a Piercing-type Striker, causes the Stun effect and deals damage corresponding to her ATK. It strikes the enemy six times in all, dealing additional Stun damage with the final strike.
  • Nonomi (Swimsuit): Nonomi is an Explosive-type Striker from Abydos Academy. She can do damage to a single enemy proportional to her ATK. Up to a predetermined number of repetitions, her EX Skill “Time to Cool Off!” ignores the gaps in between regular attacks.
  • Ayane (Swimsuit): Through the event, players can also acquire the Special student Ayane (Swimsuit) of the Piercing kind. Her EX Skill enables her to arrive in battle mounted on a Water Cloud, serving as Tactical Support. Wakamo can use Missile Rain on the Water Cloud once every 12 seconds to do damage to a single enemy proportional to her ATK while ignoring some of their DEF.

The game also brings a minigame and convenience updates including a Friend System

Additionally, Nexon is offering a Beach Shack Special to celebrate this release. Players can access the A Ball minigame until February 5 and try to choose the correct cup to earn prizes like 600 Pyroxene and 10 Advanced Tech Notes Choice Tickets by visiting the minigame page.

Blue Archive Business Trip Momoyodou Trailer

There will also be several convenience updates, including a Friend System, a skip feature for the Tactical Challenge content, and a Formation preset. These include a feature to fix skills at the beginning of the combat.

There is more to be excited about than only the “Business Trip Momoyodou” event story because Nexon also released the schedule for Blue Archive updates through March. Both the event narrative “After-School Sweets Club: A Sweet Secret and Shootout” and the second part of the main story, “Eden Treaty Vol. 3 Chapter 4: Kyrie of the Forgotten Gods,” are upcoming.

There will also be the introduction of endearing new students like Hoshino (Swimsuit), Saori, and Kazusa. Additional details about Blue Archive and pre-registration for the Event Story, “Business Trip Momoyodou,” can be found on the official homepage and community.

Are you excited about the pre-registration for Blue Archive “Business Trip Momoyodou” story event? Let us know in the comments below!

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