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Blue Archive brings a new Story Event in its May 2023 update

Join the girls as they navigate the challenges and triumphs of the Game Development Department

Nexon has announced the addition of the latest event story, Vol. 2 Clockwork Flower Pavane, Ch. 2 ‘The Romance of Friendship, Courage, and Light’ (First Half) in the May 2023 update to Blue Archive, the subculture game developed by their subsidiary company Nexon Games.

Join the Game Development Department as they overcome the latest crisis in Blue Archive

In this story, Rio, who serves as the Student Council President of Millennium, pays a visit to the Game Development Department and delivers a surprising revelation. The department members, including Aris and Momoi, are faced with an unavoidable crisis, and players have the opportunity to join them in dealing with the situation.

Meanwhile, a fresh-faced student named Himari, the most recent addition to Millennium Science School, arrived on Tuesday, May 16. Himari, known as a Piercing-type Special Student, possesses an EX Skill called “Hah! Look What I’m Made Of!” that can enhance the attack power of a single ally for a duration of 13 seconds.

Blue Archive brings exciting events and rewards with its May 2023 update

In addition to the story, players will also have access to the Fortress City of Eridu Infiltration Task event. From now until Tuesday, June 20, players who accomplish tasks related to the Main Story, Lessons, and Scrimmages will earn various rewards, such as AMAS Debris, interactive furniture themed after the new character Himari, Superior Artifacts, and Superior Activity Reports. By collecting 100 AMAS Debris, players can also obtain 1,200 Pyroxenes.

In commemoration of the Main Story update, two fresh trailers were unveiled by Nexon on its official YouTube channel. These trailers depict the everyday routines of students belonging to the Game Development Department, namely Momoi, Midori, and various pivotal moments from the main storyline. Examples include Neru’s exhilarating pursuit atop a towering building and Ari’s unexpected encounter with a twist in the tale.

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