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Blue Archive brings New Year’s Aperitif: One-and-Done Match Story Event in its latest update

Two new students, Haruna (New Year) and Fuuka (New Year), enter the fray!

Nexon released an update on June 28 for the most recent Blue Archive story event, New Year’s Aperitif: One-and-Done Match, which was created by their subsidiary firm Nexon Games.

In this story, the Gourmet Research Society overcomes impossibly difficult challenges to eat excellent meals. Players can join their battle to defend Sparrow in a cookoff against Nyao Foods, a significant distributor.[0]=AZWupeP7ZqjKOs0T7x_2EDivJOZZi-lKzA_kumgVjlZQQTMGjtZWmehc4xeTJW9XVyrNu75M7wMqtjw2FRqDft5d0wlo5GrLI_rob2s3qjBlxyyj6nlKF7znwdKqA3wk7XSxHXqf0eU9gTqizBlyh6f-qPeAX5ohRYimN3ACrhfKIc4OTaWGe0sv09i1S-eQWuE&tn=%2CO%2CP-R

Blue Archive New Year’s Aperitif: One-and-Done Match story event brings two new students to the battlefield

Two new students join the battlefield as well:

  • Haruna (New Year): An explosive-type striker student from Gehenna Academy is named Haruna (New Year). She may attack up to five enemies in succession with her EX Skill, Gourmand’s Rage, which delivers damage equal to her ATK. In addition, she causes harm in a ring around herself.
  • Fuuka (New Year): A Piercing-type Special student from the same academy is Fuuka (New Year). Her EX skill, School Lunch Club’s Osechi, increases an ally’s Crit DMG while cutting the cost of one of their EX skills by up to 50%.

Along with the story update, Mission 21 has also received new missions that let players earn Pyroxenes through fulfilling objectives, improving student skill levels, and acquiring and using Credits.

The Gourmet Research Society students, including Fuuka, Haruna, and Junko from the School Lunch Club, are featured in two new PVs that Nexon recently released on Blue Archive’s official YouTube channel. The PVs show a different side of the students as they ring in the new year.

Nexon also announced on June 21 that the official Blue Archive Global YouTube channel now has more than 100,000 subscribers worldwide. Each user received a 10-Recruitment Ticket to mark the occasion.

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