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Blue Archive brings “Special Summer Mission!” event story with three new students, rewards, and more

Event story follows the RABBIT Squad as they investigate a mysterious disappearance

Gifted in the art of pixelated chaos, the recent additions to the student roster Miyu (Swimsuit), Miyako (Swimsuit), and Saki (Swimsuit) have made their debut in the beloved mobile RPG Blue Archive. Their arrival marks the commencement of the eventful tale titled “Special Summer Mission! RABBIT Squad and the Mystery of the Missing Shrimp.”

This engaging storyline unfolds in the game’s latest update, running from today until Tuesday, January 9, 2024. Follow the RABBIT Squad as they delve deeper into their investigation of an unexpected scarcity of shrimp. Their pursuit leads them to Yatoura Village, where eerie legends send shivers down their spines.

Blue Archive Special Summer Mission! introduces new RABBIT Squad members 

Miyu (Swimsuit), a member of the RABBIT Squad, stands as a formidable presence in combat and becomes accessible to players through the event storyline. As an Explosive-type Special Student, her unique strength lies in her personalized and potent move, known as the EX-skill, which deals a specific amount of Critical Damage corresponding to her Attack stat, targeting foes in a direct line.

In the realm of Blue Archive, Critical Damage signifies the additional harm characters inflict when executing a critical strike, with higher Attack stats resulting in greater damage output. Following the trend of summer-themed attire, Miyako (Swimsuit) and Saki (Swimsuit), both comrades in the RABBIT Squad, complement Miyu (Swimsuit) seamlessly.

Miyako, a Piercing-type Striker and the squad’s leader brandishes a submachine gun alongside a strong sense of leadership. Her EX Skill not only reduces an enemy’s Critical Damage Resistance but also deals damage corresponding to her Attack.

Beside her stands Saki (Swimsuit), an Explosive Type Striker enrolled at SRT Special Academy. Her attacks are proportionate to her Attack stat, focused on a single enemy, while her EX Skill diminishes the enemy’s Defense, Attack, and Critical Damage Resistance (critical hit rate) for 50 seconds.

Blue Archive Special Summer Mission! will feature celebratory events and rewards

The three powerful new students also bring a wealth of rewards and celebratory events, including:

  • “Summer Secret Mission! Capture a RABBIT!” Event – During this event, one story about the RABBIT Squad will be released every day through Sunday, Dec. 30. Available until Tuesday, Jan. 9 at 1:59 a.m. (UTC), players can tap the Snap button on the event page to earn rewards such as Frozen Shrimp and a 10-Recruitment Ticket that can be used in the Dice Race.
  • “Climbing High! SRT-Style Bouldering” Minigame – Users can earn various items by climbing to the high ground with RABBIT Squad students in this precarious minigame until Monday, February 19, 2024, at 4:59 a.m. (UTC).

That was all about the new event story, “Special Summer Mission! RABBIT Squad and the Mystery of the Missing Shrimp” in Blue Archive.

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