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Blue Archive brings the latest update for the Main Story Part I Final Episode titled “The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest” 

Students set out on a perilous journey to conquer the Ark of Atrahasis

The subculture game Blue Archive from Nexon is extending its captivating narrative through the release of the grand expansion titled The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest. In this recent update to the final episode of Main Story Part I, a strong emphasis is placed on collaborative efforts among the students, demanding encounters with powerful bosses, valuable returns, and numerous additional elements.

Dive into the Ark of Atrahasis in Blue Archive and grab amazing rewards

In Blue Archive, players engage in a mobile Tactical RPG experience where a group of students is formed by the player to engage in a series of military campaigns with the goal of emerging victorious against adversaries. The game allows for the enhancement of weaponry, protective gear, and abilities to maximize effectiveness in battles. Additionally, players have the opportunity to acquire fresh students through a gacha system, using in-game currency.

As the Final Episode progresses into its latter half, both Sensei and the students collaborate to overcome the airborne structure known as the Ark of Atrahasis. Within this structure, players have the chance to combat numerous area bosses across four distinct stages while simultaneously securing a base. By fulfilling designated tasks leading up to Tuesday, September 5th, 2023, players stand to gain valuable rewards including Secret Tech Notes and Pyroxene.

The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest introduces new students and an exciting new mode

Two bright students Toki and Nagisa have been welcomed into Blue Archive.

  • Toki: As an Explosion Type Striker from Millennium, Toki can transform into her Abi-Eshuh mode, increasing her ATK, Accuracy, and Evasion when she uses her EX Skill. Her powerful abilities deal damage proportional to her ATK, which ignores 60% of enemy DEF up to three times to enemies in a straight line.
  • Nagisa: From Trinity General School, Nagisa is an Explosion Type Special Student who uses an EX Skill that deals damage proportional to her ATK to enemies in a circular area and reduces enemy DEF for 15 seconds before she attacks.

Additionally, players are in for a challenge with Torment, the new highest-difficulty mode in Total Assault, and plentiful rewards can be earned during a Double Rewards Campaign in place until 6:59 p.m. UTC on Monday, Sept. 4, 2023. More information about the Blue Archive Main Story Part 1 Final Episode Chapter 3, “The Ark of Atrahasis Conquest,” can be found on the special webpage.

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